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I bought a second magnetic pin holder but it still was'nt enough, I  need one on my cutting table, one near sewing machine, one near surger, another for when I hand sew in my recliner, so I stuck a few magnets at the bottom of a couple of high sided lids & in one, two strips of magnetic tape, works great & now I don't have to remember to move around with a pin holder in my hand!

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Neat, Barbara! I;ll have to try that for my alternate handwork area in the living room!!
Excellent tip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought small magnetic bowls (size for small dessert) at the auto store for under 6$. Mechanics put there screws etc in them while working under the hood. Auto stores also have great lights you wear. They are like glasses (no glass) with lights on each sides connected to the eye piece. You look funny, kids will laught, and who knows what your significant other will say, but they are great.!!!Great for supplemental light when both hands are too busy to hold a flashlight etc.
Joyce in Boca
I also have bought a magnetic bowl, from a hardware shop, It's great for pins and things.
Gail x
New magnetic telephone listing was issued by Cherry Ridge. With my homemade awl I scribed a magnetic lining for the powder compact pin holder I use for traveling beyond my "pinning" area.
Fits nicely, thank you for the suggestion.

Note the silica gel pack I also keep in the compact. You will see to old lipstick cases ( we use to be refills for thse fancy tubes!) I keep needles in one and marking chalk in the other -- again for "travel" and class work at ASG.


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