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Use these to clamp a seam and then quickly pluck them off as you sew.   You can also use them to hold tissue pattern pieces together.

Lara's Wood Mini Clothes Pins 1

"Lara's Wood Mini Clothes Pins 1" 10 pc unfinished, solid wood. $1.04 /10 pc pkg"

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If you cant find these lovely wooden ones, the little gold and silver plastic ones you can get for hanging christmas cards are just as good and are easy to spot amongst your sewing (unless you are making a gold lame catsuit!)
I also like to use binder clips. They are really good when you don't want pin holes in your fabric, especially when using blackout/room darkening lining. I use the extra large binder clip to hold fan fold pleats on draperies.
I have purchased these in 2 sizes at our local dollar store's crafting area. Mini mini (about an inch), and just mini (about 1 1/2 inch). I glued some Christmas ornaments to them and clipped them on the tree and packages as part of the wrapping.
I use them for all sorts of sewing and other projects. I gave my husband a set for his projects, too. I lament the fact that I threw out the ones I had, from YEARS ago, but I'm glad that they are still available. ;~>
You've no idea how lucky all you US ladies are having 'dollar stores' and 'Wallies' and KMart and Michaels. Its a crafters desert here in Turkey.
I find small office clips work even beter - and they come in beautiful patterns and colours!
I found a bag of 50 1" multi colored wood clothespins at Michael's for just a couple dollars. They work great.


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