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When your rotary cutting blades are too dull to cut fabric, put them away in a small box, all together and keep them to cut pattern paper if you prefer to use your rotary when cutting patterns out..  Usually a rotary cutter is much faster than scissors.

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I haven't found one that works.
Got a brand to recommend?

Joyce on Boca
do you know where to get one that works?? I would love to know :)
Good Idea Joy.
good idea!
Good idea, thanks. I have a dull blade sitting right here and was wondering what I could do with it.
I also use my old rotary cutting blades to trim photos and cut any type of paper. I reserve one
rotary cutter just for paper and write "paper" on it so I can keep it separate from my fabric cutter.
I just wrote "Paper Only" on the side of my rotary cutting blade that has "dulled". I have two holders, so one has the new blade and now I can identify my paper cutting one easily. I used a Sharpie. I have done this with the scissors I use for paper only.
I love this , I have so many that they are building up.
I join in on the question "what rotary cutter sharpener works?".
I'd like to add that I store dull blades in, the small jar that, "imitation" soup bullion comes in. It's a perfect fit for the 45mm blades and it has a screw on cap. too.
Great idea! I will use this tip for sure! Thanks!
Great idea. I love the things I am learning on here.
I use an old one in the kitchen to cut triangle dough pieces for my apricot cookies too!
I save all my dull blades,because I don't know what to do with them...I did buy a sharpener but don't work ....


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