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Cling – Cling – Why Does it Cling?

Ever wondered why certain fabrics cling to your body, especially in the winter? Man-made fabrics usually cling to one’s body more than natural fibers, and the reason they do so especially during the winter is that humidity in the air is significantly lower than in other seasons. Many variables affect a fabric’s “cling” factor, including the fiber, the type of weave, the yarn and the fabric finish.


If you have a clingy garment, hang it in a steamy bathroom so that it can hydrate. If you moisten your hands and smooth them along your tights or panty hose, that can significantly decrease static cling as well.


Static Guard spray works because it contains a hygroscopic agent that draws moisture from the air, bringing it to the fabric and neutralizing the charged atoms that have created static electricity. For more details on how Static Guard works, check out



Londa has sewn all her life and holds a B.S. in Home Economics.  She developed her own pattern line in heirloom sewing in the late 80's, then a retail storefront from 1990 to 1993, and she now maintains her own website,  Her most recent focus and passion is teaching others how to create stylish jackets from sweatshirts.  You can read more about Londa's accomplishments here, and feel free as well to visit her video channel and profile page at Sew What's New.





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