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Cling – Cling – Why Does it Cling?

Ever wondered why certain fabrics cling to your body, especially in the winter? Man-made fabrics usually cling to one’s body more than natural fibers, and the reason they do so especially during the… View »

Jacquard Weaves: Four Variations Defined

  The complex Jacquard loom was developed in France during early 1800s by Joseph-Marie Jacquard. It uses plain, twill and satin weaves to produce figured patterns. Many fabrics are collectively… View »

Filament Fibers and Weaves

Some fabrics are known as “filament fibers.” Silk is the only naturally occurring filament. To understand how man-made filaments are fabricated, think of a pot of goo that gets strained through a sh… View »

Textiles: Inside Out

Which side do YOU like to sew on? The reality is that either can be the “right” side of your fabric. If you want to make sure you’re using the prescribed” side, follow these tips: 1. The hole… View »

Textiles 101

Fibers either come from nature or are man-made. Cotton, linen, silk and wool are the main types of natural fibers. There are two kinds of man-made fibers: cellulosic or synthetic. A cellulosic,… View »

Londa's Tuesday Tips

  Sew What's New member Londa Rohlfing -- sewing professional, teacher, mentor, and celebrity -- offers a series of weekly tips each Tuesday to inspire sewing enthusiasts here at SWN.… View »


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