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Textiles: Inside Out

Which side do YOU like to sew on? The reality is that either can be

the “right” side of your fabric.

If you want to make sure you’re using the prescribed” side, follow these tips:

1. The holes in the selvage (on the edge, for novices) are made by pins that hold the fabric to the conveyor belt during processing. Fabrics usually are attached to those conveyors with their right side up. For that reason, with thicker fabrics you can see that the side with smaller holes (where the pins come out) is the wrong side.

2. Jersey single knits only have ribs on one side, so usually – though not
always – they curl inward on toward the “right” side when stretched on the
crosswise grain, and to the wrong side when stretched on the lengthwise
grain. Interlock knits have ribs on both sides, so they will not curl when
stretched on the cross grain – so either side can face out.

3. Whichever side you decide to use, keep it consistent while constructing
the garment – unless you are intentionally reversing for contrast, as with
crepe back satin. If you tend to get the two sides confused (it happens!),
you can mark the wrong side of each piece with an easily removable tape
or marker. (Just remember to remove any tape before you press as you

Next week:  Filament Fibers and Weaves

Londa has sewn all her life and holds a B.S. in Home Economics.  She developed her own pattern line in heirloom sewing in the late 80's, then a retail storefront from 1990 to 1993, and she now maintains her own website,  Her most recent focus and passion is teaching others how to create stylish jackets from sweatshirts.  You can read more about Londa's accomplishments here, and feel free as well to visit her video channel and profile page at Sew What's New.


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