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A place to discuss and inquire about sewing room furniture, organization, layout, and ways to make your own tables and storage centers.

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Sewing Channel Posts

On the SWN Blog: Sewing Room Video Tour Series

A free video series with a sneak peek into 20 different sewing rooms and work spaces!  Storage ideas…Continue

Tags: storage, lighting, decor, table, sewing

Started by Susan Jun 23, 2018.

How To Convert Bedroom To Sewing Room

Finding the perfect sewing space can be challenging. If you can find a corner in a bedroom, dining room, or living room, you can create a workable sewing space. In this video Niler Taylor will show…Continue

Tags: area, practical, video, tutorial, how-to

Started by Susan Dec 10, 2012.

Setting Up Your Sewing Room - (Turn Volume Up) 1 Reply

When you have a lot of space (as in my case) it's easy to set up a functional sewing room. But you can do the same thing in the space that you have. This video shows you my sewing space. When you…Continue

Tags: notions, organization, grouping, accessible, design

Started by Susan. Last reply by Athena's Grove Nov 19, 2012.

Upholstering Sewing Room Chair 3 Replies

I have a regular high back, arm-less (took them off, they interfered with my tables) office chair that I use in my sewing room.  It's ugly.I'm going to re-upholster it.  I think it will be fairly…Continue

Tags: sewing_room, room, studio, sewing, re-upholster

Started by Susan. Last reply by Barbara Bateman Sep 14, 2012.

Fabric Storage 1 Reply

Source: via…Continue

Tags: sewing, room, studio, idea, organize

Started by Susan. Last reply by Kip May 3, 2012.

Tree Thread Rack for the Sewing Room 3 Replies


Tags: studio, wall, pegs, storage, thread

Started by Susan. Last reply by Kip Mar 31, 2012.

Needle Case 5 Replies

Have a look at the photo of the travelling needle case I made a year ago. I was tired of sorting through all my little cases looking for the right needle.  I made ties on the sides so it will roll up…Continue

Tags: silk, portable, travel, case, needle

Started by Brenda George. Last reply by Brenda George May 29, 2012.

Organizing Your Stash 12 Replies

My sewing room became so disorganized and chaotic during the holidays and afterwards, attempts at getting it back to something reasonable always seemed to fall short.  With chaos I just couldn't get…Continue

Tags: sewing_room, fabric, stash, organize

Started by Karen Quick. Last reply by Bonnie Fricke May 12, 2012.

Small ironing board 5 Replies

I saw a great little ironing table in one of my quilting magazines yesterday and I got an idea .. it looked like one of the fold up wooden tables that can be bought at any of the local stores and…Continue

Tags: board, ironing

Started by Heather Hughes. Last reply by Kip Mar 31, 2012.

Cutting table/ironing table 9 Replies

So, craigslist had a post about a sewing table.  It was at a junk shop and DH and I went to see it.  It was for a machine, not a cutting table.  And as we were talking to the owner, I told him what I…Continue

Tags: thrift, plywood, board, sewing, recycle

Started by becky price. Last reply by Kip Mar 22, 2012.

SCRAP PROJECT: Color Co-ordinated "Scrap Buster" Scrap Storage Bags 3 Replies

Make these color co-ordinated scrap bags to store and organize every scrap of fabric you've ever had! (Make them out of scraps!)…Continue

Tags: organize, storage, color, co-ordinate, bags

Started by Susan. Last reply by Patricia W. Tingley Dec 17, 2009.

Design Wall 15 Replies

I've read about "walls" where quilters put their squares so they can move them around to find the right layout for their quilt top....but from what I can tell they aren't "nailing" the blocks to the…Continue

Tags: wall, design, quilt

Started by Jill Dewar. Last reply by Margaret Rowlee Nov 7, 2011.

My Sewing Room 3 Replies

Hi, I am Lish from Ky. I live in a 2bd triplex . We ( my finacee and me) have remodeled the back bd, to be for sewing and my artwork( drawing, painting, oil pastels, charcoal and pen & ink), I…Continue

Started by alicia. Last reply by kathy eblen Jan 11, 2012.

Preparing Your Sewing Area

By Judi HarrisWhether your getting back into sewing, or just learning how to sew, you will want a nice, comfortable, and well organized sewing area. The last thing you need when you are ready to sew…Continue

Tags: studio, supplies, table, vibration, space

Started by Susan Aug 4, 2009.

pattern storage 7 Replies

I store all my patterns in a dresser which are filed by pattern company and they are numerical. When I buy a new pattern I photocopy the front and back and but the pictures in a binder so that when I…Continue

Started by joy. Last reply by Valerie Carroll Apr 19, 2011.

Pattern Storage 5 Replies

A few ideas on how to store your sewing patterns.Continue

Tags: organize, patterns, storage

Started by Susan. Last reply by Valerie Carroll Apr 19, 2011.

Video: How to Build a Cheap Quilting Table #3

More details on making the table.Continue

Tags: table, sewing_table

Started by Susan Jul 11, 2009.

Video: How to Build a Cheap Quilting Table #2 1 Reply

How to convert your cheap sewing & quilting table to machine quilt large quilts video tutorial.Continue

Tags: table, quilting_table, inexpensive, cheap

Started by Susan. Last reply by Joyce Kelly Aug 4, 2009.

Sewing Machine Ergonomics Video 1 Reply

Sew and Quilt in Comfort! Three adjustments that make a world of difference in your comfort when sewing or quilting.Continue

Tags: height, adjustments, table, chair, Machine

Started by Susan. Last reply by jodijean Apr 19, 2011.

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