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So, craigslist had a post about a sewing table.  It was at a junk shop and DH and I went to see it.  It was for a machine, not a cutting table.  And as we were talking to the owner, I told him what I needed...a large table, preferable 4' wide, that was not necessarily in good shape that I could cut on.  He had one in the back, yet to be refinished.  Yippee!

It is over 4' long, 2 1/2' wide, and the ends pull out for leafs!  We got 8" half concrete blocks and put it on them.  So it is high now.  And I love it!!

Meanwhile, I had a beat up buffet that had been a kid's dresser for years and she moved out.  It was just over 48" long and 24" wide.  Went to Ace and asked about a piece of plywood to put on top...they already had 3/8" plywood cut at that dimension!  Add some batting, and 1/4" gingham cover, and I now have a "big board" ironing board!  Will storage built in, and already at the right height.

Now, if I could keep the cats out, I would have the perfect set up!

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Great how things come together!
congrats on your luck. I am sooooo jealous LOL!
I wish I had the room for all of this!!!!! GAH! Good job!!!! :)
When you get old, and have a shape like Aunt Bea, the kids will move out. :)
It's all coming together...but the cat's are there to stay! I keep a small lap size quilt over my ironing area and just remove it when I need it so the cats can visit. You have to "cat proof" just like you would "child proof!"
Indeed. Today I needed to iron something, and the iron was there, not at the regular board. THREE sheets if sticky roller stuff, and it was still coming off!
Just lay anything you can, maybe even a twin bedsheet over the board. Then you can wash it once a week and save your sticky roller stuff!!
I love it how things work out sometimes. I understand about the cats. I have 2 that think the ironing borad is the best place to sleep, so I put a tablecloth on it just for them to lay on. It is easily removed when I need to iron and it is washable. The cats are happy and so am I.

How wonderful !!  Sounds like your sewing room is really coming together ! 


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