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I've read about "walls" where quilters put their squares so they can move them around to find the right layout for their quilt top....but from what I can tell they aren't "nailing" the blocks to the wall ??? I'd like to know what the wall is made of & how to put it together.
If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.

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How to Make a Quilt Design Wall

Best Way to See Whether Fabrics Work Together Before Quilt Assembly
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As mentioned the article posted by Susan, I use a vinyl table cloth. But I don't put it on a wall as I don't have a big enough wall. I put it on the floor in my living room and can play with the design. I usually go half way up my stairs to look at the blocks or take pics of the blocks. If I need the floor space, I can roll up the table cloth (using a pool noodle) and move it to the spare room then bring it back out again when I'm ready to work again.
Wow!! A pool noodle...what a great idea! I would have never thought of that, but it's just perfect.
Thanks ladies - that gives me alot to think about!
I purchased a large piece of flannel and then stapled the flannel to a 2X4 piece of lumber. Then I added some eye screws to the top of the lumber. I marked on the designated "real" wall the location of the eye screws and then I put screws (with small enough heads) into the wall. This way you can roll up your flannel and put it away when not in use.
that's a good idea too - thanks Lynn
Hi there Jill, I too use a large piece of flannel. I hang mine on the top of my closet door and just anchor it with masking tape at the bottom. When I want to work on two different projects I found that using a fleece throw works really well too. You can lay this an top of the bed or on the floor. Roll it up for easy storage. Hope this helps.
I was thinking of using the closet door in my craft room after reading the other replies - this confirms it! Thanks so much Janice
Eleanor Burns show how she designed her sewing room which included a design wall. Maybe you'd like to check out how she did it. Here's the link to that video on quilterstv.'s near the end of this video, You can try to move to the end but it isn't as easy as on other videos.
Judee; what a great website - thanks so much for sharing it.
I used a flannel sheet over a 4x8 piece of insulating foam - the pins go right into the foam if the fabric doesn't 'stick' to the flannel - I watched for a heavy duty flannel sheet to go on sale 1/2 price and was glad I did!
Use the special nails with the plastic collars to attach the foam to the wall. I've had two of these over the years, and they work great!
also - make sure you can see your "design wall" when you are sitting at your sewing machine - don't put it behind you.
great info Thea, thanks so much!


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