I've read about "walls" where quilters put their squares so they can move them around to find the right layout for their quilt top....but from what I can tell they aren't "nailing" the blocks to the wall ??? I'd like to know what the wall is made of & how to put it together.
If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.

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I saw what I thought was a rather clever way to make a design wall...wish I'd thought of it before I made my one that I currently use. The person had used a curtain rod with drapery clips. When in use as a design wall she suspended her flannel, can't remember if it was a board (more stable but would have to be light weight) or a flannel cloth (would think fabric pieces would flutter off, so I'm thinking there must have been some kind of board for stabilty). When not in use as a design surface, the woman replaced it with a wall hanging. Stylish, huh?
wow - I would never have thought of that. I ended up buying a "design wall" from Connecting Threads www.connectingthreads.com (I like this site) for under $20. I've hung it over the closet in my craft room by using magnets attached to the metal valance that frames the top of the closet doors. I can still slide the doors which is nice. I was pleased with the purchase at first, but the more I look at it the more it looks like a flannel backed shower curtain, with a grid. When I have the time I am going to attach it directly to the door.


I have a closet in my sewing room....put those hooks that can later be pulled off the wall above it....take a large flannel

backed table cloth, put bull dog clips on the top and then hang on the hooks above the doors....also you can put a piece

of chain on the hooks...then when not in use roll up put chains around and place chains on hook...that way you can

keep it out of the way and still use the closet


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