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Hi, I am Lish from Ky. I live in a 2bd triplex . We ( my finacee and me) have remodeled the back bd, to be for sewing and my artwork( drawing, painting, oil pastels, charcoal and pen & ink), I recycled a pretty yellow pantry my grandmother had took the door off, and made it now a place to store my fabric. My Dave bought me a craft table for cutting and laying things out, I have an antique oak table 3'x6' which i use for 2 sewing machines. And we got a great buy at Hospics, I got a cool real wooden end table large square table which 2 shelves, I use this for my serger and misc sewing supplies on shelves which include several lined baskets, sewing tins for patterns.

I have a huge metal shelf unit that was made for outside or inside, its heavy and tall. On this i use to store my art supplies, and sewing misc supplies. It is a huge bedroom but still not big

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that sounds like a great place to be creative! BTW the rooms are "never" big enough when it comes to crafting, but it sure sounds like you have made the best use of space.
Some how I don't seem to be able to get out of my living room. I even sleep on my futon, because of my back. I bought a coffee table from Walmart that has a top surface, an area below, and a large drawer underneath. I bought a seperate table for my serger and put my sewing machine on the coffee table. The sad thing about this is, I live in a large 2 bedroom apt. by myself and might as well be living in an efficiency apt. Except that the 2 bedrooms are filled with stuff I just can't throw out or am saving to use later. I too paint. I do oil paintings so all those supplies are in my living room too. Between the art easel and my two dress forms, it looks like a crazy person lives here. I am a nurse and so far no one has said I'm crazy, but they haven't seen my living room. OH! I forgot, I also have tons of plants. I love it. Thank God I live alone -except for my cocker spaniel "Captain Howard" and he doesn't care what the place looks like as long as he gets his puppy hugs and a pig ear when I get home from work. It's good that you have someone who appreciates your interests! I wish I did. Laurie PS. I grew up in Lexington, Ky.-Great State!

Hi, I live in Bardstown, Ky.  I, too, have lots of different crafts with lots of different craft stuff.  Just this past weekend, a daughter moved out and I took the bedroom for my sewing room.  Right now it looks like an organized disaster.


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