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A few ideas on how to store your sewing patterns.

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How to get the pattern pieces back in the envelope

I teach my students to iron your pattern pieces with the iron set to wool and no steam. Fold the pattern pieces small enough to fit back in the pattern envelope.
I LOVE the diaper box idea. With a 7 month old I have a few of them laying around. And I also love putting the pattern into a gallon bag. When I use a multi sized pattern, I trace the size I want on white tissue paper and then put it in a qt bag. Then I try to keep the qt bags with the original pattern but so far that has been a challenge. Now I will throw it all into a gal bag and file in a diaper box. Yippee! (I was looking at buying a special insert for file cabinets but that was $25.00, this will be much more cost effective.) Thanks for sharing!
sometimes i make my own patterns from wrapping paper. i store them in zip top bags. i also buy patterns from the store. i store them in shoe boxes.
I store all the tissue pattern pieces, the guide sheet and any traced pattern pieces in a brown kraft envelope, size 10" x 13". I write the pattern number on the outside in the upper right corner. Then I file them my pattern company in numerical order in file storage boxes I purchased at Office Depot. The pattern envelopes go in a page protector sleeve and I put them in a 3-ring notebook so I have my own mini-pattern book.

I do the same thing Gloria.  Except I use the smaller envelopes.  I just moved my stuff from storage a few years ago and now I have patterns in envelopes and can't find the binders.  oh hum.  I am going to have to go back to the storage facility. 



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