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I store all my patterns in a dresser which are filed by pattern company and they are numerical. When I buy a new pattern I photocopy the front and back and but the pictures in a binder so that when I need a pattern I just have to look in the binder.

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This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!! Love it!

that is a fantastic idea, you are so organized!
That is a great idea !!! I have been holding out to find an old pattern file cabinet from a fabric store . No luck there. I will try this tonight . Thanks !
Great idea! Another twist would be to scan the front and back of each pattern. That way you would have it digitally and the picture would probably be clearer on your computer screen than a black/white photocopy (unless your copies are in color). Plus there would be less paper used. Now that I think about it, I may just give this a try myself! :)
I store my patterns in shoe boxes.1 box for all dress patterns,1 for jackets,1 for shirts,etc.
Great idea the photo coping.  Never thought of that.  But when I first started my filing with envelopes and putting the pattern cover in binders, we didn't have all the cameras and technology we have now.  I have maybe close to 300 patterns.  Maybe more.  I need lots of storage space.


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