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I saw a great little ironing table in one of my quilting magazines yesterday and I got an idea .. it looked like one of the fold up wooden tables that can be bought at any of the local stores and they had put an ironing pad on top of it.  It was fairly pricey.  Most of us have these fold up wooden tables in our homes already, We could make a ironing pad for the top and place beside our sewing area so that we do not have to go to the real ironing board everytime we want to press a seam.   I am going to try it anyway.   Just thought I would pass this along 

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Thanks for sharing this idea....  I'll try to find a photo.  


Good idea!  I actually bought a small board and covered it so I can move it where I want.  And for big stuff...I have an old decrepit buffet that we have used as a bureau, fish tank holder, etc.  The top was ruined, beyond repair or refinishing.  So I bought a piece of plywood to fit it, and covered it for a giant ironing board.  So much easier to press fabric and quilts than on the regular ironing board.  And, it has storage under it.  :)

you mean like the fold up tv trays?  genius!
Awesome idea.  Can you post pictures when you finish yours?

A woman at our monthly quilt retreat has a tv tray that her husban fixed up as a portable press board for her.  Nice ! 


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