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love collecting vintage fabrics, notions, patterns, tools, linens,directions

Lucky to have a large workshop with one-half stacked craft related (if it can't be washed or dry-cleaned) and the other half stacked threads related! I really don't plan to use up some of it, love to just look at it and wonder about the ladies who owned it before I rescued it, and, much was inherited from many family members.
My vintage sewing is with rescued fabrics and new thread on my vintage Kenmores. My favorite haunt sells clothing by the bag! A too-worn piece might have neat buttons, another piece will have great trim, or lots of fabric for an apron in a full skirt, or a wool skirt to full in the washer. I know they thought I was crazy the first time they saw me put a button up to my cheek (for temperature check) like I was trying to become one with the button!
And there's the household linens! The handwork area of a tattered dresser scarf can become a cute pocket or part of crazy patch. Oh, those tablecloths!
Could go on and on about vintage. Would like to share info with others about vintage sewing and needle arts anything. Heck, I'm vintage, too.

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Oh Susan I am with you, I have always loved everything from the past. I also love looking at vintage material and think what I can make with it. I love taking old clothes apart to use them for something.
there's no limit. I try and get a lot of fabrics from 2nd hand shops.
It's pretty out of hand in my case. I've got nearly 2000 cubic feet in patterns, 20 linear feet of old garments, and on and on.
I am amazed and in awe of the beautiful linens and hankies,and aprons of long ago I would rather have all of the stuff like that that someone once used or made than something new from today. I now have a serger and am hoping to get good enough on it to recreate some old linens or at least come close. i have several books of tranfers and patterns for embroidering them. I get all fuzzy inside just talking about the old linens and hankies and other things like that!
I'm also with you Susan, I love vintage!!! I collect threads and patterns so far; I haven't started collecting yintage linens yet. I loe to display all my threads and patterns in my sewing room. I would love to displat vintage linens also but right now I;m having a hard time affording them.
Collecting vintage anything can be pricey, but, developing favorite haunts can make them more affordable. Church, teams,scouts rummages are often goldmines - it all has to be removed from the gym, fellowship hall, etc! Let friends and family know you are looking and love to collect - I seem to be the repository for lots of 'stuff' people can't bear to throw away, plus it helps rescue what people throw away without thinking what the value might be to others. Finally, as a previous antiques dealer, mark-ups are a must for all overhead. Become your own middleman and picker, searching for your own sources. (also always be alert for 'trading finds' for those who collect teacups and have stacks of linens, keep a want list) Good luck in finding affordable vintage!


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