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This forum post regards to ideas, advice even rants in to the business of Costume design. Whether you freelance design work to individuals, family and friends to wardrobe design for an upcoming feature film. All points of view are relevant here, so please share your personal experience of survival. In return, we can all build a greater respect for the creativity and craft of costume design work.

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I had a small costume shop attached to my Motel in a small town, and just got into it for something to keep me busier in the slow months. Wasn't expecting it to boom at Halloween like it did, but was pleasantly surprised.

The rest of the year I rented to schools, churches, for the Holidays. To be honest I didn't make big money off the costume shop, as all of a sudden I had goodwill, and other Halloween shops coming in just for Halloween, so my business lost some, but I was hooked line and sinker, as it brought the creativity out in me. I made hats, decorated boots and shoes, made accessories of all kinds. Enjoyed that part of it immensly. Now, I am retired and am quilting, active in church and just trying to be a good Christ like person and give Glory to God.


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