Hello everyone! 

Glad I found you and hoping someone can help me out.  I recently saw a quilt that was embroidered and then colored.  Does anyone know how to color on quilt blocks with colored pencils or crayons?  The quilt i saw looked almost like watercolor. 

Thanks to anyone who could help me!

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Hello! There is a wonderful product called Shiva Paint Sticks that you can color with on fabric. After you are done coloring, you "fix" it by applying heat, or ironing it.
Thats one way I know! Good luck
Is this what you might be thinking about?
Crayon Stained Quilt
I have used a number of products on fabric, including ordinary crayons! I did a kids sewing camp a few years back where the kids all made small wall quilts for Thanks Giving. We drew a turkey on muslin, then took ordinary crayons, and colored them in. It was a blast!

A few things to know about using crayons:
It is best to by the Crayola Brand crayons, and not the cheaper off brands. The Crayola have the more pigment and less wax then the cheaper brands. Meaning you will be getting a better color saturation when done. If there is too much wax in the crayon, the picture will be very light and faded looking.

Next once you are done coloring the picture, you will need to use an iron to remove any wax and set the colors into the fabric. To do this take several layers of paper towels lay it over the coloring, place a hot iron on the paper towels, (watching so you don't burn the paper) and after a few second lift the towels. You will see slight coloring on them. Continue with new towels until you don't see any traces of color. The paper towels and the heat will remove all the wax and set the color. You can safely wash the quilt.

Another fun tool is to use water color pencils. These can achieve different looks as well. By coloring on dry or wet fabric. Color dry and light mist water using a spray bottle after you color, or light spray the fabric with water first and then color with the pencils you will get some very interesting looks. Again it is best to heat set these when finished.

Have fun, and experiment!
thank you everyone for your ideas of coloring on fabric. i am going to try the crayons and i will also try the watercolor pencils which i really like. thanks again! love to all!
I'd be cautious about how much I washed something colored with crayons. My experience with a test sample is that it washed out. I did use Crayola crayons and I did heat set them.

The Shiva sticks look like fun to me, but I've never tried them. Have to learn to machine quilt first, because as I hand quilter I wouldn't want to have to needle through the paint!
Hi Pansy, I recently watched some videos on this subject on sewing with nancy. I have not figured out how to put in a link so you will have to copy and paste this link into your browser to see the videos. http://www.sewingwithnancytv.com/index.html?dlink=true&chn=6
Once you get to the page, click on quilting tab and scroll down to...

http://sandraleichner.com/wordpress/colored-pencil-applique-tutorial/  My daughter-in-law and I used this technique with colored pencils for coloring a quilt label and it worked great! 


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