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I would like to participate in a fabric swap; is anyone doing this? I see them all the time, but each time I find I'm too late to sign up!

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If there is enough interest (minimum 20 participants) I will co-ordinate one! All interested say: "Aye!"

This sounds interesting!! But would it be open worldwide or do you think only US? I live in Sweden...
if we can get another member who lives close to you to participate... that might work out!

My daughter is going to live and study in Sweden. So, I am very interested in the different kinds of fabric that you would have. She is leaving in about two weeks. I would love to do a swap with you. If you are interested....I would like 3 yards of material that would look good for an apron. It would also be shipped to the US. Let me know what you would like in exchange. This exchange would be very exciting for me!
Send me you physical adyd. I have the perfect aprons to send you - great fabrics too!'
I would like to join your group
I'd be interested if shipping isn't too expensive. On a tight budget like everyone else right now. What a great way to acquire fabric and pass some on that you no longer want. Who hasn't looked at some fabric and thought "what was I thinking"?

I've never participated in a Fabric Swap. How is it done? Sounds interesting. I'm reading some of the replies and hearing a lot about fat quarters. I don't quilt and haven't used them much in my sewing. Is that all that would be swapped? With a little more information, I think I would like to be included.
I am interested in the fabric swap

hi please count me in thanks
I'm not sure how a swap works, but I am interested. I too do not quilt and am not interested in smaller pieces. I usally need at least 3 yards of something to sew what I usually do. I have lots of fabrics that might be used by a quilter, but they are in multiple yard pieces. Laurie
I would be interested in doing a fabric swap


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