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Great trick. Thank you.
This is just the thing I needed to learn. Thanks for sharing.
Wow, I love it. Thanks for sharing.
Wow, this has just got to be the very best lesson I have ever seen, I will be trying it out , just love it , many thanks
This is just wonderful. I have been making pinwheel quilts, off and on, for years. The first one was made when I was still tracing triangles onto the back of the fabric, and sewing all by hand. Once a group of church members and I made a full-size, red-gold-black-tan pinwheel quilt for our annual fair's quilt raffle, and that is one of my favorites because of the colors.
Wow! I don't usually quilt, but you made it look so fun and easy it makes me want to do one. Great tutorial! Thanks!
Wow i love the way you do your pinwheels.great trick.

I have tried this technique and I think this works better than any of the other ways I have tried to make half square triangles.  Mine always come out whopperjawed with the other methods, but with this one they come out perfect!  I really want to make a quilt in this way.  But I should probably finish at least one of the many quilts I already have in progress first!

this is great .. thank you


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