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Are you a hand or a machine piecer? Do you do both? On the same project? Let us know what you think.


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I like both. I use machine quilting for charity quilts and kids quilts (generally). I only hand quilt the ones I like the best and have already put a lot of work into. My eyesight is not what it used to be but finished is still better than stuck in a box somewhere so my hand quilting is not the best. I have seen some very fine machine quilting that I thought was good enough for any quilt, but mine isn't that great.

 When I first learned to quilt in the 80's I did both hand and machine piecing depending on what I was working on. Then I didn't quilt for almost 30 years. With the advent of  Paper piecing I now machine piece everything. I had a mild stroke a couple of years ago so I am also trying to learn to machine quilt as well - like Laura Clang said I would rather have my projects done than sitting in a box. My Mother-in-law who has been an avid quilter for many years & machine pieces all of her projects says that it is not a true quilt if it is quilted by machine, for her it is ok to  be machine pieced but it  has to be hand quilted I disagree. She calls my machine quilted quilts nice blankets & that is ok, although I am hoping to eventually change her mind.

I machine piece everything.  As a designer I need to finish all my quilts as quickly as possible so I can get on to the next one!! Having said that, however, when I was making quilts for personal use I have done both hand piecing and hand quilting.  In fact, I have made one quilt entirely by hand, including joining the back fabric, as a tribute to our early quilting sisterhood who had no other way to make quilts and did such exquisite work.  I think it is also important to keep in mind the end use of the quilt when deciding how you will make it.  For example, my three active boys use my quilts as wrestling mats in the loungeroom.  Needless to say, not the hand pieced ones!!!  Cheers, Karen.


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