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I had the perfect Jelly Roll for a quilt for my DD - until I unrolled it.

But I fought the disappointment and kept sewing - I should have revised the plan!  Because eventually, all those seams were taken out!

Added some Stash fabrics for contrast, revised the design (twice) and love the finished top (so does the DD!).

Blogged here:  The Destashification Project

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Isn't wonderful when we can be flexible with our initial plans and create on the fly? Good on you. And def an added bonus when the intended recipient loves it. Cheers, Karen

I love this design you came up with. It could be so great with so many color ways. Sure hope you can post some directions for us. Some of us are just dummies when it comes to figuring out things like this.

Thanks, Linda

Thanks for the kind comments. 

I am working on posting the pattern.  It is really quite a simple top to put together - if I did not have to remake it so many times!

I'll post a link once I finish the directions.

Thanks again.


I have posted the pattern at The Destashification Project. 

The instructions include details for a sew, then measure, then cut-to-measurement method - for those of us that are not members of the exclusive club of "Perfect 1/4 Inchers".

I have discovered (through trial and error - OK, mostly error) that when sewing strips of 23 squares using a total of 22 seams with a 1/4" seam allowance  - that a small error in seam allowance (1/16") can result in the strip length being "off" by more than an inch!

But it is not "wrong" - as long as all the seams are a consistent width - so I now recommend sewing the long strips, measuring them - and then cutting the adjacent pieces to fit!

It minimizes frustration and maximizes enjoyment of the project!


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