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Seminole quilting originated from the Seminole patchwork used for clothing by southeastern Seminole Native Americans. In the late 1800s it was a long trip from the Everglades to trade for cotton cloth so women began sewing strips made from the fabric left on the end of the bolts to make what was know as "strip clothing". The sewing machine became available to these women around the end of the 19th century making it possible to use much smaller strips. Seminole designs grew to become even more elaborate and complex. Seminole patchwork was usually used for traditional dress including the women's long full skirts and big patchwork shirts worn by the men. Even today these garments are worn for special occasions. These beautiful Seminole patchwork patterns eventually become popular in quilt making as well.  (from America's Quilting History by


Seminole piecing is a technique used to make (what can be very) complicated patterns in a simple way. This is a beginner's level tutorial on how to do seminole piecing.  It will produce a short piece of 'fabric' that can be used in lots of different projects.  (I will be shortly adding a link to a free pattern to the item in which I used this piecing of seminole work).



clicking on the image will take you to the tutorial


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Gorgeous. I am inspired. Thank you Karen!

My pleasure. I hope it will help you create some masterpieces!!! Cheers, Karen


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