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I wanted to take a little minute to introduce you to a terrific site for all things quilting - lists of blogs you can follow, contests you can take part in and vote to pick winners, buy stuff, look for quilting shops, partake of super deals and learn, learn, learn in the Learning Centre - Quilting Gallery.  It is run by a very talented and dedicated lady - Michele Foster.

Pat Sloan,  a quilter of great renown and many years experience, conducts various 'lessons' through the Learning Centre.  Take a look at her article (with photos) on quilting types and styles and tell us what type or style are you.

To start us off - I am a Modern Quilt kinda gal!!!



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I'm a traditional quilter mostly.

I, too, am mostly a traditional quilter.  I like other avenues except some abstract artisic quilting, but as for what I sew, it's traditional.

I think art quilts are so 'arty'!!! I have no interest (or talent) in making one but, wow, I can sure appreciate the skill of their wonderful creators.  Cheers, Karen.


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