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Serger Solutions: Troubleshooting Techniques

from: Craftsy

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Sewing Channel Posts

Serger Sewing Tips - A Free Video Series from Gail Yellen

A free video series from…Continue

Tags: serging, looper, threading, thread, serge

Started by Susan Nov 22, 2015.

Is Your Serger Stitching Correctly - FashionSewingBlogTV

More serging tutorials at SWN:Sewing Channel: Serger Reviews…Continue

Tags: serger, serging, stitches, stitching, repair

Started by Susan Sep 28, 2015.

Basic Serging: Tips and Tricks!

Simply sewing with a serger will guarantee that ALL your projects look store-bought! Enjoy the quick tips that will bring your sewing to a whole new's just like magic!…Continue

Tags: unraveling, looper, edge, sewing, zipper

Started by Susan Nov 19, 2012.

Sources for Feet and Accessories 3 Replies

I just bought a Juki MO634 DE for $125 from a friend. She included a couple dozen cones of thread. My engineer hubby and I got it threaded and the tension right so we could sew up some nylon racing…Continue

Tags: feet, foot, hem, rollled, juki

Started by Barbara (Corky) Dahl. Last reply by Jackie Caplinger Jul 16, 2012.

What is the Serger used for other than hemming? 29 Replies

Sent in by wanda:"I am fairly new to sewing. What is the Serger used for other than hemming? I am thinking about purchasing…Continue

Tags: beginner, serger, hemming

Started by Susan. Last reply by dee May 26, 2012.

Serger- How to handle inside curves 2 Replies

I've had my 5 thread Singer QuantumLock for about 2 years now but I'm just now using it for more than just finishing edges. I have trouble with inside curves, can anyone make suggestions?  Thx.Continue

Started by Terri Hiaumet. Last reply by Katriina Alanko May 3, 2012.

How to Secure Serger Tails 2 Replies

Source: via…Continue

Tags: serge, machine, technique, sewing, how-to

Started by Susan. Last reply by Karen Mar 23, 2012.

Decorative threads 2 Replies

HiI want to try some decorative serging/overlocking.  What thread can I use safely?  I know the thread will not go through the fabric but what are the guidelines as to what I can use?I have heard…Continue

Started by Karen. Last reply by Karen Mar 14, 2012.

What should I look for in a serger? 5 Replies

I'm new to serging, in fact I don't have a serger yet. My BD is coming up and I told my hubby that I want a serger. My first thought is to get the cheapest possible. I do work full time and have 2…Continue

Tags: clothing, machine, serger

Started by janel10. Last reply by Sherri Mar 16, 2010.

Problem keeping my serger threaded; 13 Replies

hello to all:I am new to this group but am really needing help. my serger just will not stay threaded. it will sew for approximately 6 " and then comes unthreaded. I am not new to sergers as i have…Continue

Tags: unthreaded, serger, threaded

Started by jackie hubert. Last reply by Sherri Mar 16, 2010.

Babylock Serger Demo 6 Replies


Tags: Serger, Babylock

Started by Susan. Last reply by T. Brinkley Oct 23, 2009.

New here 3 Replies

I'm Kathy from Utah. I own 3 sergers and a coverstitch machine. I have been serging since the mid-eighties when I had my own dance costume business. I love, love, love sergers!!! I have been learning…Continue

Tags: costume, business, serging, dance, teaching

Started by Kathy Smith. Last reply by Katriina Alanko Oct 16, 2009.

"Can't seem to figure out the stitching & tensions sewing with fleece" 3 Replies

Sent in by Valerie Morris"Hi, I can't seem to figure out the stitching & tensions sewing with…Continue

Tags: fleece, tension, serger

Started by Susan. Last reply by Valerie Morris Oct 15, 2009.

Electronic sergers vs mechanial sergers 21 Replies

I have a Janome 634D serger & wonder if it's worth the price to get one that is electronic.They would be easier to thread I would think. What has been the experience of y'allwho have had both…Continue

Tags: 634D, Janome, sergers, mechanial, Electronic

Started by Jeane Howell. Last reply by Jeane Howell Sep 14, 2009.

Refurbishing an older model Babylock 2 Replies

I have acquired an older Babylock serger - it is missing the telescope yarn guide and needle clamp, has a little rust for $40, my plan was to take it to a repair shop and see $$$$ to get it in…Continue

Started by Dawn McCarthy. Last reply by jodijean Aug 10, 2009.

What the difference is between three and four thread serger? 5 Replies

Sent in From FRANCES DODGE:"I am very new to sergers. I have the oppourtunity to buy a three thread serger and am wondering…Continue

Tags: serger, thread

Started by Susan. Last reply by Katriina Alanko Jul 23, 2009.

Introduction to the Serger Sewing Machine


Tags: serger

Started by Susan Jul 13, 2009.

Threading The Needles - Video


Tags: thread, take-up, lever, guide_plate, discs

Started by Susan Jul 13, 2009.

Threading The Upper Looper - Video


Tags: Video, serger, Looper, Upper

Started by Susan Jul 13, 2009.

Threading The Lower Looper - Video


Tags: Video, serger, Looper, Lower

Started by Susan Jul 13, 2009.

Serger Blogging

Discovery and Evolution of Silk Fabrics

Silk fabric is one of the most common and known fiber on which textile industry is primarily dependent. It is natural protein fiber, some forms of which can be woven into textiles. Silk fabric is such a fabric which is made from threads and it is spun by the silk caterpillars. Silk caterpillars live on some specific tress and eat their leaves to live. These tresses are cultivated in order to cultivate these worms. Mulberry silk worm is one of them and most famous among them because mulberry…


Finally retiring at 64 and will have much more time for hobbies.  Looking forward to discovering all the little gems on this site that I didn't have time for before.  

Soft Doll for Grandbaby from Nana

Just as my Grandma made me my 'Lucy Doll'  - gee, about 63 years ago - this Christmas it was time to create a similar cloth doll for my own granddaughter.  I found this 'Poppy' doll pattern at Etsy - ran it by my daughter for approval, and it was a 'GO'.  HERE is a link to purchasing that pattern for yourself.

poppy doll pattern     …

Fabric Bowl Covers Make Great Gifts

Just like Grandma (or Great-Grandma) used daily, SAVE $ and be ‘Green’ by using act RE-Using these Fabric Bowl Covers instead of plastic or foil.  When they get dirty just throw into the wash (or wipe off  if you fuse vinyl to the fabric).  

This is a great Beginning Sewing Project and makes a super Gift!

bowl covers
The aqua/lime bowl…

Toddler Fleece Appliqued Butterfly Jacket

Sewing for a granddaughter is a special delight.  This toddler  has SO many clothes, that I am making only a few and very special ones.  This polar fleece jacket was quite delightful to design and create.  Even though a big machine with embroidery capability sits in my sewing studio, I honestly am more comfortable with the traditional method of applique and I KNOW I enjoyed 'painting with my machine' and being the DRIVER rather than letting the computer part of an embroidery machine do the…


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