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About Sew What's New

     Sew What’s New is a leading web community for sewing and quilting enthusiasts.


     SWN was founded in 2008 in an Atlantic coast seaside town by Susan Hubley. Using a domain name her mother had created for a previous sewing site, Susan decided to start the kind of online sewing community she had always been looking for: a place where sewing fans, quilters, and other crafters could gather, exchange ideas, share information and ask for feedback. She wanted to create a place where crafters could just hang out and be… crafters. In 2010, Susan brought in Sara Frankel, a longtime Internet entrepreneur who had developed an unexpected passion for sewing and crafts after being immobilized for six weeks after ankle surgery.

      Together, we are continuing to build Sew What’s New into the web’s premier sewing and quilting community, offering information, connections, ideas, product offers, feedback and other resources. We will be regularly adding new content and features, as well as enhancing the site’s functionality; our long-term goal is to create a rich one-stop home for sewing, quilting and other craft enthusiasts. We welcome your contributions! Please tell your friends about us, and tell us what we can do better to serve your needs.



Who We Are

Sara Frankel, CEO

      Sara is a former journalist, a serial Internet entrepreneur, and the mother of 18- and five-year-old daughters. Her first sewing project was a massive set of bright pink curtains with purple trim for her teenage daughter’s four-poster bed, complete with swags, tails, pleats and mini-rosettes. She spent eight weeks with billows of pink fabric and homemade swag patterns covering her living room, and since then she has been sewing anything she could get her hands on. Her daughter adored the curtains for three years, then gently suggested it might be time to donate them to the Goodwill. Sara lives in California.  You can reach her here.

Susan Hubley, Content Manager

      Susan is an Internet entrepreneur, mother of two, and stepmother to three. Her first sewing project was a despised, mangled, and unidentifiable "apron" that she contemplated setting afire behind her junior high school. Susan finally developed an interest in sewing in her twenties from her mother, who is an accomplished seamstress. She also has become a sewing machine, fabric, and notions hoarder. Susan has sewn – and ripped apart – everything from a crazy-quilt to boat covers and outdoor patio umbrellas. She believes that true sewing talent is not necessarily how well you sew a project the first or even second time, but how well you are able to fix or cover up your inevitable mistakes. Susan has lived all across Canada and the USA and has settled in the Maritimes.  You can reach her here.


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