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Why Advertise on Sew-What'

Sew What's New is a unique network comprised of thousands of highly creative, innovative, and talented sewing and quilting enthusiasts. We help advertisers and marketers who want to reach, engage and sell to this creative audience. A campaign on Sew-What' can drive impact well beyond these pages, thanks to the active, artistic, and influential nature of our community. Our users are enthusiastic and frequent purchasers of patterns, fabrics, sewing tools, sewing room furniture and accessories and educational material, and they frequently influence the purchases of their friends, families and community organizations.

Sew What's New Advertisers

We only accept advertising and promotion from companies offering products and services we believe will interest our members. We work with companies whose products and business practices correspond to the values of our membership, which include value, quality, and a strong ethical foundation. We feature advertisers prominently, and all advertising or promotional material is identified as such on our site. 

Our Success

One reason for SWN's success as a community is its' credibility amongst our members. Companies wishing to advertise their products to our users purchase explicitly identified advertising campaigns; we do not allow companies or individuals to use our site as a way of promoting services free of charge. Please do not use SWN blogs, groups, or other postings as a way to advertise  products, web sites, or services in any manner. Members found advertising will be warned and will find their promotions deleted;  repeat offenses will result in profiles being removed from the site.

Contact Us!

SWN offers affordable advertising for everyone. Contact us for rates and campaign ideas by emailing us at sara [at] . We love to cater to small businesses online!

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