Monthly Advertising & Promotional Flow

Sew What's New does more than just offer advertising.  We leverage our audience and actually promote our supporters.  We tag, link to, mention, tweet, pin, "like" and share our sponsors all the time.  Deep linking is something we just do.  Sell specialty scissors?  If you advertise with us, you'll find a link to your site from an article about types of scissors or cutting fabric.  If a new sewing project is featured and you sell a key material, your link will most likely end up there.  Surf the site yourself and note the links going out to our supporters, and you'll see why Sew What's New advertising offers top value for your products!


See the ways we spread the word:

1) Sidebar graphic presence on every single page

2) Email ads to over 20,000 active sewers and quilters

3) Individual page sponsorships when and where we can

4) Multiple kinds of viral exposure:  


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