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What You’ll Need: (to make a size 18 month-2T skirt, adjust as needed for other sizes)

  • Two 20” x 7“ fabric for top portion and two same size for lining on top portion (you’d make these shorter if sewing below the elastic casing, as explained why above)

  • -Two 20” x 13.5” fabric for bottom portion and two the same size for lining on bottom portion

  • 18” elastic, 3/4” thick (more or less depending on size of child’s waist. Measure child’s waist and subtract 2”-4” depending on how snug you want it)

  • circle for making scallops. I made my circle on the computer and to get 5 scallops per side of skirt, mine measures 3.75” in diameter

  • 48” x 4” strip coordinating fabric for the sash, optional (longer or shorter also depending on size of child’s waist)

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Comment by Melissa on June 7, 2010 at 7:45am
really nice! i checked out your blog and love your tuts. i'll be busy sewing my little one's new sunshine dress and scallop skirt. thank you so much for sharing!!

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