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My sewing interests are:
garment, home decor, quilting, embroidery

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At 10:37am on July 18, 2009, Warna said…
Hi Donna:
You could send your request to my personal e-mail address, giving me your e-mail address and I will forward the pattern to you.
At 10:04am on July 14, 2009, Warna said…
Hello Donna:

If you are wanting to join our summer doll challenge you are not too late. We are making a pattern by Peggy Wilson called Long Tall Sally. She is a simple little doll. I made the doll in an evening now will do some embellishing and dressing over the next few weeks. The deadline for completion is August 19 so there is still plenty of time. Let me know and I will send you the pattern. Enjoy your day...
At 1:31pm on April 28, 2009, Deborah said…
Hi Donna,
Hey , everything is fine here. I have been looking for an email from you everyday. I have not received anything. The last one I sent to you is just below this one , and I have been waiting to hear back from you. Here is my correct personal email address :

Please email me there. I check my mail regularly everyday.

Your pal , Deborah
At 12:43am on April 20, 2009, Deborah said…
Hi Donna,
Lets see, I wanted to know if you collect anything besides buttons?
Do you have a favorite part of nature , such as , flowers , trees , mountains, butterflies , rivers , lakes , the ocean , clouds , gardens ?
What type of music do you like ?
Do you plant flowers , or have a garden?
What other types of treats do you enjoy , besides ice cream?
On the subject of Japanese fabric, I don't quite understand what type you are referring to? Is it cotton fabric with Japanese design, or some other type of fabric that really comes from Japan ?
Also , I didn't quite understand if you meant to send me your email address , or if you only wanted to connect with me here? Because I never did get your email address.
And finally , I will need your mailing address for sending your box to.
Mine is : Deborah Robinson
PO BOX 545
Bridgeport , TX 76426
Thanks again, Hope to hear from you again soon .............
Your friend , Deborah
At 12:14am on April 20, 2009, Deborah said…
Hello again. I am really not sure about what happened to your lost email. I have been checking into it , using my box as reference. When I first clicked on my inbox area just a couple of minutes ago , the latest message that you sent me was there . However , after reading it , leaving the site , and coming back again to see if it was still there , it was not. While investigating this I noticed that when you go to your inbox , under the word " MESSAGES" , you will see a word in blue that says " ARCHIVE" , this is the file where you keep the emails that you want saved. So , the next time you read your mail in the in box, when you find one that you want to save , click the " ARCHIVE " link , before you click out of that message. Then you can just click the " Archive " link again , anytime you want , and you will find your saved messages. I hope this helps you.

I am going to start another message to you , to ask you just a few questions. I haven't started on your box yet , but I will soon. I just had thought of a few more things I wanted to ask , before I complete the box.
Hope to hear your reply soon ...................
Your computer friend , Deborah
At 8:19pm on April 11, 2009, Deborah said…
Hi Donna,
I was so glad to hear from you. I am so sorry you've been sick. But isn't it nice when you start to feel better. I get really tired of feeling ill , really quick. And usually my illness starts off so violently , that when I get to feeling better , if I find myself getting anywhere close to how I got sick in the first place , it really scares me. I had gone to Colorado in Dec. to be with my son and grandson and daughter-in-law, for Christmas , well I was there for one day , got violently ill the next day , and spent the entire two weeks I was there , trying to get over being sick. They think it was altitude sickness. I don't know what the heck it was , but I didn't get better until I had been home here in Texas for a couple of days.
Anyway , on to the things you probably want to know about me. Lets see , I am 48 years young. My birthday is on Valentine's Day , which has always been a very special blessing all of my life. I do not smoke, but like you , I did back in my younger years, for about 20 years. I quit smoking in 1994. We lost my mother to lung cancer ( from smoking ) , in 2001 , and after having to live through that tragedy , plus the loss of my husband's father in 1997 from the same cause, no one could pay me enough to ever light one up again. I am not very particular about colors either, I really like them all , except for BROWN , & BLACK. I really don't like those at all. I also like some bright colors sometimes , and some subtle hues of colors sometimes. I have recently realized , ( from shopping on Ebay ) , that I really like the old style of prints and colors they used in the older days , like from the 1930's to the 1970's.
I have been married to my husband for 16 years . We have two sons , that I brought into our marriage. But , my husband and I have raised my youngest son together, he is just 21 this year. My oldest son , knew his father very well and had an established relationship with him , and he was 14 , when I married my husband. But he has always accepted my husband with open arms ,and love and respect. I have one brother , who is a loner , we don't see him very often. And that is all I have as far as family. All grandparents are gone. My father died in 1983 , and mom in 2001. There were only the two of us kids in my parents marriage. So my husband , my two sons , and my grandson ,and daughter-in-law, are my whole world.
I dearly love to sew, but I don't spend near enough time at it . I usually have alot of responsibilities here in the house day to day. But I have made some appliqued quilt blocks recently that I will be putting up on Ebay , sometime in the near future. I do not sew clothes, so far. I really like to make small things that are not too time consuming , or difficult. Also , I was beginning to be interested in making cloth dolls for a while , and made a few ( not very many) . I tried to sell them in a little rented booth inside a craft mall downtown , and they never sold. So that really discouraged me . So I haven't done anymore. I wish I still had one of them , because I would send it to you. But , I gave up my booth space and contents a few months ago , when my husband and I were having some marital problems, I just lost all my desire to mess with it.
Well I feel like I'm really making this letter too long. Here is my personal email address , if you would like to email me there. Either here or there , doesn't really matter. Which ever you prefer. By the way , I try to be open minded , and giving , and understanding for the most part of life. I
just like to be liked , and feel like people think and say good things about me. You know what I mean ? Well I will close for now , until I think of some other things to ask you or tell you. I'm so glad we are getting to be computer friends. Write again soon, please .
See Ya ................. Deborah
Ooops , I almost forgot to give you my email address :
At 12:50am on April 5, 2009, Deborah said…
Hey Donna, I just now figured out how to get a message through to you , through this site. LOL. Well live and learn .... Anyway , I would really like to get to know more about you, so that I can fix up a really nice package to send to you. So please send a message to me when you get time , so we can communicate our likes and dislikes , and lifestyles and such . OK ?
Thanks , Your friend , Deborah Robinson

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