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Featured Blog Posts – July 2009 Archive (40)

Let the sew-off begin

Seven designers, four Sundays, one winner in Project Runway-inspired contest THE CHALLENGE: take one extra-large black T-shirt, and using only a needle, thread and scissors, create the perfect little black dress in an hour, fitted on a model you’ve never met before in front of an inquisitive audience, and under the unwavering gaze of three industry judges who will decide if you’ve got what it takes to become a style leader. Six young designers were given that surprise… Continue

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Volunteers sew hundreds of quilts for service members overseas

Blankets make a statement - By Meg Jones Volunteers show up for three hours on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in Plymouth to sew thin camouflage sleeping quilts for service members in Iraq and Afghanistan. The sewing began when Todd Richter asked his mother-in-law, Linda Wieck, to make him a thin blanket that he could use during warm-weather service. As quilts go, they're fairly simple. No Celtic knot, double wedding ring or mariner's compass patterns, no months-long effort to make… Continue

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Sewing A Neat No Bulk Flared Hem

By Marian Lewis

When sewing a flared skirt, do you have a problem with a too much bulk in the hem? Here is the answer for a smooth finish.

  • Face a circular or flared skirt hem with bias.
  • Cut a 5-6 inch wide bias strip of organza or light weight lining fabric long enough to fit the lower edge of the skirt.
  • Piece the strip on the straight of grain of the fabric to create the length you need.
  • Mark the desired hemline on the…

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Sewing With Elastic

By Deepa RC Active lifestyles demand garments made of fabric that provides freedom for easy movement. In most garments, elastic is used for making them versatile and flexible. Elastic is also used for other craft projects too. Do you ever wonder why the elastic that you used in your last project does not seem to work with the present sewing project? Why the elastic in your cotton pajama is causing problems while the same elastic in your swim wear is working perfectly? In fact, the type of… Continue

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sharping machine needles!

Hey there!!!

Since I sew more than a few hours a week. I always change my machine needle every so many hours. I like a sharp point. Can you resharpen a machine needle is what I need to know.

Thanks in advance.

Added by Mary-Anne Watson on July 11, 2009 at 6:26pm — 3 Comments

Purses are their bag


NORTH COUNTRY ORIGINALS: Sewers design, sell creations

Shae C. Roggie knows bags. The Lowville resident sews everything from brightly colored clutches and backpacks to wildly patterned purses and cell phone cases for her business, Valerie Ann Designs.

“The name is my mom’s,” Mrs. Roggie said. “She taught me how to sew when I was growing up and I thought her name sounded very classy. It’s just to honor her, really.”

Mrs.… Continue

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Nothing better than a clean craft room!

Hello! So I spent most of yesterday and today working on cleaning and organizing my little craft room, and let me tell ya, it has been quite the adventure. It all came about when I decided that I just HAD to find one specific pattern that I was sure was in my closet, so I tore EVERYTHING out looking for it. After gutting the closet I decided it would be a good idea to finally go through and organize things. I'm on a VERY limited budget (My husband and I are both going to school and we have a 17… Continue

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Why recession may be turning women to sewing

By Chester Chronicle With the recession kicking in, reports suggest that more women are taking up sewing. We go undercover to find out why women are becoming keen to buy needles and thread. When it comes to arts and crafts, you can safely count me out. Artistic in a cerebral, imaginary sort of way, my recurrent attempts over the years to unite my daydreams with a sewing machine have ended in tearful failure. So it was with much hesitancy and curbed enthusiasm that I walked into my… Continue

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Sew stylish: Her men's shirts

By A.D. Amorosi

Since 2005, Van Aken Custom has fitted, designed, and crafted hand-stitched shirts for men who crave definition (literally and figuratively), quality and panache. Unlike shirtmakers who calculate only cuff, neck and sleeve length, she takes 15 measurements: chest, neck, waist, hips, forearm, upper arm and the distance between shoulders. Weight, height and arm length are factored in as well... [… Continue

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I never need an excuse to buy fabric

My husband is 100% behind my fabric buying & sewing. I sometimes think I should feel guilty about buying more fabric, but for some reason I don't.

Added by Donna on July 7, 2009 at 1:50pm — 3 Comments

Quilt commemorates couple’s engagement

A romantic idea in creating a quilt from family clothing.

There is a love story behind a quilt Adrian resident Rose Hinkleman made this past winter.

In 2006, her son, Bill Rodgers, proposed to his wife, Robin, using T-shirts that he and their respective kids wore to form the question, “Robin, will you marry me?” Hinkleman made a keepsake quilt for the family and incorporated the shirts into the design.

Rodgers, a former Lenawee County resident,… Continue

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A Community in Stitches

By Carrina Stanton

The seams are flawless on the flirty little sun dress. Looking straight out of a catalog, it is something every little girl might wear. The only difference is that it was made by its owner. “That’s being made by a 9-year-old,” said Elizabeth Rosenberg, president of the Lewis County Clothing and Textile Advisors, while walking through a recent sewing camp for young people held at the St. Urban Grange in Winlock... [… Continue

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Question - I don't know where to post it.

I'm wondering if anyone knows whether or not I need to pre-shrink nylon tulle if I am using it for a skirt?

I've used it for crafts and costumes before, but never for a skirt. I've actually searched the internet but have not been able to find an answer for this question. Any comments or opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi there. My name is Laurie and I'm new to this group. I just uploaded some pics of my sewing studio. I do machine quilting, hand and machine embroidery, and finally just realized my dream come true - a longarm quilting machine! I am a retired (disabled) 54 yr old RN; had to stop working in 2001 because of multiple medical problems. I started quilting about a year after that when I finally got over the self-pity party! I still miss working but DO love my quilting! I am also (since having… Continue

Added by Laurie Britt on July 6, 2009 at 12:49pm — 2 Comments

Everything’s coming up roses

A bag from an old pair of jeans gets the flower treatment.

IF YOU sew running stitches along one side of a long strip of material and pull the thread at one end, it will gather into a circular shape. Roll up the gathered side from the centre, continue to turn it round and round and you’ll get a rose. The longer the strip is, the bigger the bloom will be. Stitch on the reverse side to hold its shape. These roses can be sewn from practically any fabric to embellish… Continue

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Quilts can exude patriotism

The crisp contrast of red, white and blue quilts hanging on a porch can take on a patriotic feel and add instant merriment like flags to commemorate the special Independence Day holiday. While we may never know if album quilts with a cluster of American emblems, American flags or both were made out of necessity or as a showcase of skill, skilled artists sometimes devised some very unique methods of creating quilts to enhance their stitch patterns. […


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Quilting is form of therapy for Spring Grove woman

By Laura Gossman Horihan

Quilting isn't just about keeping fingers busy. For one Spring Grove woman, quilting helps her sort out her mind. Designer Kay M. Capps Cross has turned her basement into a quilting studio, with spools upon spools of thread and yards upon yards of fabric. She sells her own patterns from her business, called

Cross Cuts. The 46-year-old has struggled with clinical depression and an… Continue

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Needle-and-thread artisan marks 20th year in business

Dresses, pants, skirts and blouses fill Sonia Derbekyan’s small store. They are waiting to be sewn, shortened, hemmed or otherwise altered. A bright white wedding dress hangs in one corner of the room — Derbekyan’s current undertaking. Summer means wedding season, and five layers of the very full skirt need tailoring.

There is much work to be done, but after many years in the business and a lifetime of experience, Derbekyan has it all under control.

Derbekyan… Continue

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See quilts by acclaimed textile artist at The Cotton Ball in Morro Bay, CA

When he was 7, Rob Appell walked into his mother’s sewing room and pleaded for new clothes for his G. I. Joe doll. Sensing an opportunity, his mom, Judi, handed him a needle, thread and a scrap bag of fabric, then talked him through his first stitches.

As it turns out, that initial sewing lesson paid off. Today, Rob is now a highly acclaimed textile artist who lectures at quilt shows nationwide and has appeared on the HGTV and DIY television networks... [… Continue

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Sew natural, organic sewing business in Sacramento

Becky Carter’s Velvet Leaf eco-friendly DIY fashion boutique, in Sacramento offers certified organic, vintage, and sustainable clothing crafted by their very own fingers, which hardly leave a carbon fingerprint. Their store has a charming ambience that surely will make the shopping experience pleasant for customers as well as Mother Earth... [read… Continue

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