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How to Make Cloth Napkins, Simple Sewing

By Mary Wilkins

As long as you have a sewing machine, they are simple, inexpensive and take almost no time to make. Cloth napkins are easy on the environment and are really very little trouble -- you just toss them in the wash with the rest of the laundry. We have tons of them at home that we've made in all kinds of fabrics. Making lots insures you never run out.


1 yard fabric per 4 napkins

sewing machine, needles and… Continue

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Getting Your Sewing Room Organized

Needlework is one of the most cost effective and fun hobbies a person can have. The person creating the needlework focuses on a pastime that is both creative and relaxing at the same time. When the work is completed there is a beautiful creation that can be worn or used in the home as a decorative item. As time requires everyone to live a busy and chaotic lifestyle this type of hobby is becoming more and more scarce. If you have the time and patience you can…


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Make a Circular Tablecloth

by Mary Wilkins

The look of a nice tablecloth on your table can create a warm, welcoming feeling. Here's an easy, quick simple one I made in about 15 minutes for a round table.

1. Measure the width of your table and add 24 inches. This is your working measurement and will give you about 11 inch drop around the table.

2. If your chosen fabric is not this wide, you will be making your tablecloth in panels.

3. Stitch panels together if need be, using 1/2"… Continue

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How to Make a Quilted Table Runner

By Mary Wilkins

This easy, quick runner will set the mood for any celebration at home. Even a beginner at sewing can make this little runner for the coffee table or mantle. You could use themed fabric such as Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Graduation, Father's Day etc.


24 (2 inch) squares of bright fabric

24 (2 inch) squares of light fabric for contrast

the border fabric is (4 inch) strips of dark fabric -- top and bottom… Continue

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Machine Quilting For Beginners - About Designs

Quilting, like painting is a wonderful art. It is similar to painting in the sense that paints and brushes are replaced by threads and needles. Paper is replaced by fabrics. Quilts were traditionally made by hand, but not with the advent of sewing quilting machines, many prefer to use machines. This is because, machines make quilting work easier, faster and not to mention a lot neater. You have the option of using an ordinary sewing machine which has quilting capabilities or you can use a… Continue

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Make Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains are a lovely way to dress up any window; they're especially nice in the kitchen, where they're almost traditional. These curtains are simple to make, inexpensive and take almost no time at all.

Measuring instructions

1. First measure your window height. Cafe curtains can cover anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of your window. If you want to cover the bottom window casing, include that in your measurement.

2. Measure your window width and… Continue

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Super Simple Crib Sheets

by Mary Wilkins

These are so easy. I have made several for my grandsons. They have the habit of stripping their mattress before they settle down for the night. These are easy enough that you can use special holiday fabrics as well as a bunch for every day.


* 2 pieces of cotton broadcloth or flannel the length of your crib mattress plus 6" and the width of your mattress plus 6"

* Velcro hook and loop tape--about 9" of each side

* Thread… Continue

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Easy to Make Table Protectors by Mary Wilkins

Hot pots and casserole dishes will be no worry with these on your table. As long as you have a sewing machine, this project is simple, inexpensive and takes almost no time to make. Mary said it only took her about 15 minutes, but then she is the sewing expert.


buy or make a circle of pressed wood, 1/8 inch thick

terry cloth (meaning old towels)

small piece of decorator fabric

Mary says these are some of the handiest and most used… Continue

Added by Susan on May 18, 2009 at 1:00pm — 3 Comments

Sewing And Ergonomics

With an increase in overseas garment manufacturing, many apparel plants in the U.S. have very low profit margins. It may seem that investing in ergonomics is a luxury in such a difficult economic climate, but it may in fact be a necessity. Up to 30% of operators in some apparel plants report symptoms of muscular-skeletal disorders, such as tingling in the hands and fingers and aches and pains in the arms, shoulders, and neck. Without intervention, these symptoms are likely to turn into costly… Continue

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A Little About The Singer Sewing Machine

Singer invented the first electronic sewing machine. In 1851, an inventor, actor, and mechanic developed and obtained his own patent in sewing machine. Singer sewing machine was a great gift to many homes. Singer is the most popular brand in sewing machine. Singer sewing machine has clutched the major part of the sewing market within the short period of time. Industrial singer sewing machine further with more improvement in technology has brought wide changes in carpeting industry, bookbinding,… Continue

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Are You Choosing the Right Sewing Thread?

By Barbie Thomas

Sewing threads come in various sizes represented in numbers or alphabets. The higher the number, the finer is the thread. Where letters indicate the size, A is finer while D is heavier. Mercerized threads are more smooth due to special finishes given to them. General purpose threads are used on light and medium fabrics while the heavy duty threads are used where the stitches require extra strength like in upholstery projects. Cotton, silk, nylon, polyester and… Continue

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Computerized Sewing Machine

With the ever expanding technology, we see various changes in the traditional machinery that simplify our work and make it more interesting and efficient. Sewing machines are no exception. If you have not heard of the computerized sewing machine, this article will open your eyes to a new technology that can greatly simplify your tailoring work.

As the name suggests, a computerized sewing machine is fitted with a built-in computer. The machine also comes with an LCD display… Continue

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Top 10 Sewing Storage Tips

A good storage system is much more than just putting all your sewing supplies away. It will make it easier and quicker to find your supplies and protect them from damage. It will allow you to use all the space in your room effectively. There are a lot of options to choose from, shelves, baskets, bins and more to help you store your supplies, so it can be hard to choose which ones will work for you. Here are some tips on how to create an effective storage system that works for you.

1.… Continue

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Finally, a studio.....

I have been working on the kitchen table since 1987. First painting, then calligraphy, then painting and calligraphy and now add sewing and embroidery, combine them all, and you have collage. But now, I have a separate place to work.

One of the best things I did was purchase a small compact DVD player that also plays CD's for music. I don't get to "watch" much, but I like that I can "listen" while I am working. Lately, I have caught up on… Continue

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Finally Easter is past...

I have been so busy at work for Easter. We had 600 people. I made about 4000 individual size pastries for the buffet. I have one part time helper, so this was an awful lot of work for me. None of the items could be finished ahead because there isn't room in the walk-in refrigerators or the freezer to store them without them getting ruined, so I had to finish everything Sunday morning. The buffet opened at 10:30 so I really had to hustle. What a nightmare!

Good news is I received my new… Continue

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Shower curtains *

Has anyone made there own shower curtains. If so , can you give me any pointers ? With all the curtains in the stores I can't find anything I truly love ! Thought I'd try it on my own.
Thanks in advance !

Added by Rosemarie on March 25, 2009 at 10:43pm — 3 Comments

Girls'-night-out-sleepover update

Our sleepover was a blast! I was up until 2am, then I has to sleep. I cut and prepared blocks for three different quilts. On Saturday I sewed the quilt for my granddaughter's "Fairy" quilt. Yes I have it all sewn together. Now I will have to get it quilted.

Now, it is on to the next piecing project. Have fun sewing! I… Continue

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Joined a Quilting Group

Hello again. Monday I attended a quilt group my dear friend had just joined. I had a great time. Learned how to do machine caligraphy. How cool does that sound. I am excited to try it. I need to make a name tage for the meetings. I am going to use the caligraphy technique. I will post it when I have it done.

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A cold day in Minnesota.

It's cold today. I am keeping warm by running around the house gathering and packing. I am going to a "Girls Night" at my sister's...we are never to old for a slumber party!

It is always a fun time. I have been gathering projects, picking out fabrics, cutting strips and blocks. Preparing for a day-and-a-half of quilting and socializing. Later this afternoon I will fix a treat to share. There will be refreshments, treats and good company. I am taking projects to work on that need to get… Continue

Added by Brenda Bernard on March 13, 2009 at 8:00am — 3 Comments

9 MArch 2009

Well, I did get my sewing room cleaned yesterday, in the midst of dd# 4 coming over to show off her new car.... a very nice one, really! And we are very proud! And gs playing and running through the house (a welcome sight and sound...).

Of course, then having a clean sewing room made me want to sew. So I made these 4 butterflies on my embroidery machine.

My favorites are the blue one and the orange one..... I see the big… Continue

Added by Julie on March 9, 2009 at 10:24am — 2 Comments

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