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I want my day back !!!!!!!!

HI all,

SO you wont believe what kind of a day I had. I can assure you it wasn't productive in any way. I went about my usual daily routine for the beginning. I got my oldest off to school, made a pot of coffee and then things got weird. You see, this is where I usually would do some things of mine that I cannot do while the other kids are up, HOWEVER my 3 year old got up when I did ( which never happens) and then my 9 month old got up and my 5 year old ( again this never…

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NYC Here I Come - So how many suitcases can I bring back?

HI everyone,

So today I am thinking about my upcoming trip to Connecticut and New York City. I leave the second week of June. I am so so so excited. My husband will be in meetings all day and I will be keeping a co-workers wife company. SO of course you all know what I am thinking - drive into NYC and shop the fashion district. Now I have to be careful because I just decluttered my sewing room - but how much could I really bring back right? I mean - right??? After all, I am…

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Hello fellow sewers,

About a week ago I was inspired by a new book I bought while in L.A. about pattern drafting. I thought "this book really simplifies the techniques. Lets give it a whirl". So I went down into my sewing 'Dungeon' all excited and motivated to get started...... until I looked around. The room was a disaster. There was not one inch of space that was free of clutter. There were notions, fabric, patterns, books, paper, etc. everywhere. There was barely a clear…

Added by Melinda Sarpal on May 31, 2010 at 11:55am — 46 Comments

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