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Londa Rohlfing's Blog – December 2012 Archive (5)

Londa's How to Line a Vest Directions

I've created 2 vests:  1 for my grandson, and a matching one for the groom for the upcoming wedding... and as I did so, it occurred to me that perhaps this lining technique would be one some newer to sewing haven't learned.  Here's my 'version'.

Before I start, let me say that I drafted facings for the fronts and back neck area so that the lining would not come to the very edges along the neck and center front.  Those facings were interfaced on the boy's vest, and in addition to…


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Londa's Rolled Hem Serging Hints

Water Soluble Stabilizer on top of Rolled Hem
Water Soluble Stabilizer on top of Rolled Hem

Rolled Hems - on a serger.  These are my 'tricks' for success.....  Learned from my years both selling sergers and teaching how to use them AND my own dressmaking…


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How to Stitch 'Inside to Outside' Corners

This is always tricky - but successfully done - shows you really know how to 'boss the fabric' around!

The location of what you see is a pointed band under the bust on this apron I was making for my daughter.  Where the top of the point of the band meets the bust portion of the apron, is this 'Inside to Outside' Corner.

1.  Stitch right along the stitching line (5/8" in this case) on the uppermost portion of this 'corner, pivoting exactly at the corner'.  Clip right to the spot…


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How to Stitch a Long Tie End

This is kinda basic, but something that I actually didn't really understand for years...until it was made clear to me by Claire Shaeffer when I had her to my shop years ago.  On this apron 'tie', the piece is folded, right sides together.  The fold is along the left hand side.  I stitched across one end, then up the long raw edge side.  Then it is turned right side out .....

BUT, you have to 'picture' the seam allowances once the piece is turned right side out.  The corners are NOT…


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Londa's Easy Narrow Hem Technique

As I was making my dear daughter a new apron for Christmas - and the directions called for a 'narrow hem'.  Directions - if any more are given, usually say to "press under 1/4" then turn and press under 1/4" again and topstitch. 

Long ago - when making many silky type blouses in my custom dressmaking years, I came up with 'my way' of doing this - which I feel is MUCH easier - especially since you won't burn your fingers. 

1.  Fold the right side to the wrong side a generous…


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