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Flounces...flirty and FUN!

See angle to the lower flounce stitching and the swing of the skirt

I snuck a few minutes one night at the Retreat to stitch 4 seams to create a green Tencel…


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Recycled T-Shirt Dress

Recycled T-Shirt Dress with Angie

Yesterday, I had a blast helping my friend Angie learn to sew – VERY creatively – as I guided her in designing and creating a summer dress for use as she is a featured singer/artist in a local Blue Grass band.  This is one creative gal  – and I am honored to introduce and guide her into creativity with fabric!

Starting with an aqua…


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Sew...I can't Bake!

Londa's Baking Skill
Londa's Baking Skill

No need to laugh - I'm certainly laughing at myself!!!  And - believe it or not - most of the day now under my feet - this is the SECOND attempt at this carrot cake.  I declare - there must be at…


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Scraps waiting for a Re-Birth?

Silk Trimmings with Potential
Silk Trimmings with Potential

As I once again was trimming the edges of my stacked bias silk pieces to create my Fabric Fur - this time destined for a surprise jacket for a friend - I decided to add them to my BAG of…


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Londa's Sweatshirt Jacket in Sew News

Londa's Sew News Sweatshirt Jacket
Londa's Sew News Sweatshirt Jacket - photo by Brent Ward

I'm tickled pink to have one of my creative sweatshirt jackets in the current Sew News Magazine (Feb-March 2013 issue)!!!!

This jacket is using an…


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Londa's How to Line a Vest Directions

I've created 2 vests:  1 for my grandson, and a matching one for the groom for the upcoming wedding... and as I did so, it occurred to me that perhaps this lining technique would be one some newer to sewing haven't learned.  Here's my 'version'.

Before I start, let me say that I drafted facings for the fronts and back neck area so that the lining would not come to the very edges along the neck and center front.  Those facings were interfaced on the boy's vest, and in addition to…


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Londa's Rolled Hem Serging Hints

Water Soluble Stabilizer on top of Rolled Hem
Water Soluble Stabilizer on top of Rolled Hem

Rolled Hems - on a serger.  These are my 'tricks' for success.....  Learned from my years both selling sergers and teaching how to use them AND my own dressmaking…


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How to Stitch 'Inside to Outside' Corners

This is always tricky - but successfully done - shows you really know how to 'boss the fabric' around!

The location of what you see is a pointed band under the bust on this apron I was making for my daughter.  Where the top of the point of the band meets the bust portion of the apron, is this 'Inside to Outside' Corner.

1.  Stitch right along the stitching line (5/8" in this case) on the uppermost portion of this 'corner, pivoting exactly at the corner'.  Clip right to the spot…


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How to Stitch a Long Tie End

This is kinda basic, but something that I actually didn't really understand for years...until it was made clear to me by Claire Shaeffer when I had her to my shop years ago.  On this apron 'tie', the piece is folded, right sides together.  The fold is along the left hand side.  I stitched across one end, then up the long raw edge side.  Then it is turned right side out .....

BUT, you have to 'picture' the seam allowances once the piece is turned right side out.  The corners are NOT…


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Londa's Easy Narrow Hem Technique

As I was making my dear daughter a new apron for Christmas - and the directions called for a 'narrow hem'.  Directions - if any more are given, usually say to "press under 1/4" then turn and press under 1/4" again and topstitch. 

Long ago - when making many silky type blouses in my custom dressmaking years, I came up with 'my way' of doing this - which I feel is MUCH easier - especially since you won't burn your fingers. 

1.  Fold the right side to the wrong side a generous…


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Londa's EZ Pleating w/o Marking

Londa’s EZ Pleating w/o Marking

I’m creating a wedding gown for a very special young woman…and in the ‘designing’ progression, she decided she wanted the skirt ‘more poufy’.  Well…that was AFTER I’d already hemmed the Silk Taffeta skirt which is an under layer for a georgette crepe overskirt.  Sew…of COURSE it was then too short!  She had the idea of a pleated addition to…


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Baby Alyssa Models....

It was exciting to receive these photos from my sister - this darling's granddaughter, Alyssa, in the romper I made her last July.  The booties for the outfit are too small...and I'm still awaiting pics of her in the bonnet.  Alas, this sweet family is moving to a new house - so the MaMa (niece Gretchen), says she'll try to find it and snap pics...

The how-to's were posted on my blog last July, 2011...…


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EZ Swimsuit Cover-Up

The inspiration garment...

At TJ Max - for $55!  I don't think so...even though time = $, I ENJOY the process, so here's my 'tale' of my new Swimsuit Cover-Up. .... can't WAIT to get to the Florida Keys this Friday…


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Design - giving yourself PERMISSION to change your mind!

I was designing a new, simple jacket this last week and wanted to share a bit of that process.  No surprise - it is another jacket on a comfy sweatshirt base.  Whenever I clean out my closet, garments and accessories get 'evaluated' for re-purposing in creative ways.  That was exactly what happened with this square (33'') fringed scarf which I've had - FOREVER - but rarely worn. …


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Ruffled Sweatshirt Jacket

At my annual Creative Get Away Sewing Retreat at the end of April in Danville, IL - I stayed up late a couple of nights to whip up this sweatshirt base jacked that combines the ruffle from lower band idea from the Rachel Jacket and the bound edges from the Ruth Jacket - both found in my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets Londa's Way - Book 2.  I have…


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Londa's 5 Minute Center Front Pant Zipper Application

First - my 'soapbox' - I think for women - whose tops lap right over left - that the lap on the trouser should similarly lap the same direction:  right over left.  That said.....

IMPORTANT:  Always buy a 9'' nylon coil zipper - even if you desire only a 7'''ll see why''make sure center front is parallel to grain line of front.  If it is not - you need to make it so, and take front tucks deeper or a dart to make up any difference.

1.  Cutting:  change pattern front…


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Man’s Tie transformed to Cell Phone/Ipod/Credit Card Pouch

I recently took a precious tie of my late brother’s and transformed it into a little pouch to carry a cell phone and credit cards for my dear sister-in-law.  I think it took me maybe 30′!  Be careful though – if you have an iPhone – you’d better use the WIDEST tie you can find!  I utilized this pattern: …


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Londa's Baby Alyssa Ensemble


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It's Sew Easy, Series 100 Sewing Show

It's Sew Easy, Series 100 is a NEW sewing show on the horizon offering Public Television viewers a novel approach to sewing through unique television experience.

The program is based on sewing and pattern designers featuring education that revolves around their expertise. Projects demonstrated are easy enough for beginners but creatively challenging for seasoned stitchers. The experts concentrate on easy ways to accomplish great sewing projects without the…


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DKNY Vogue 1250 knit dress in 2.5 hours

This is just too much fun!

I've been working too darned hard - and decided to sneak in a new dress for myself this my Vogue patterns (see last post) arrived yesterday!

I am so fortunate to be able to not only have been taught to sew - but to have the $ TO sew,… Continue

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