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The lady who I made the piget bed runner now wants one for her other daughter with Tinkerbell on!! This is going well so far, but Tink is far more complicated to copy than piglet. hey ho, i will keep trying though.

I usually sew 100% cotton fabric in all my creations, but recently I was perusing ebay and came across someone selling upholstery fabric in 5 inch squares, very cheaply indeed. Thought I would just give it a go, and it has made a lovely cushion which I am going to give to… Continue

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Chilford Quilting Festival 11/3/11 (outskirts of Cambridge, uk)

I have been to the Chilford Quilting Festival today, with 3 friends, and it was fabric-heaven!!

There were loads of quilts being shown in the centre of one of the barns, they were beautiful.  However, I must confess that I was shopping for bargains so much that I didn't have too much time for the vewing lol!!

All around the perimeter of this room were stalls selling everything,

horn cabinets, (gorgeous, but outta my price range),

books (hundreds of…


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Thankyou friends

Thanks you my friends, for passing your comments on my piggy bed runner, much appreciated everyone xxxx

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Piggy Bed runner finished!!!

Well, I have finished the piglet / pigs / bed runner, I am very pleased.  I will be posting photos as soon as I can.  I used iron on fusible interfacing/lining, successfully, as the fabric was thinner than I thought (that's the trouble with ebay, you can't really see how thick the fabric is)   It was easier than I imagined and the effect was great. 

What next?  Well, watch this space lol =)

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PIglets Rule!!

Hiya, have just started a new project, a request for a bed runner for someone who loves micro pigs!!  She would like her three pets names on it, her name and anything to do with micro - pigs !!

I have used Makower, Butterfly Farm, Pigs, and cut out using a diamond shaped stencil 73 piglets from the fabric !!

I am going to sew a line of them along the bottom, I think.  I have found some lovely red/pink hearts fabric for the letters of the pet's names but I'm not sure what fabric…


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70th Anniversary Bed Runner

Hi, have just posted some photos of the bed runner I made.  I loved making this, tried embroidery for the first time and loved that too. 

Thanks for looking xxx

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New project

Having just seen a lovley tutorial for scrappy loyalty card holder, I am inspired!! 

I like the idea of these because they are:

Colourful (so you can spot them in your bag easily)

Small (quick to see the result of your work)

Scrappy (you can use the oddments left in your scrappy bags)

Clever (the hairband and button idea is fab)


Off to work now, post more later x

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Alternative to Etsy for people selling in the Uk

Have found a website called that is similar to Etsy but its based in the UK.

One day, when I have made enough stuff to actually open a shop and sell them, I would probably like to open a store on this website.

Have a look, see what you think and let me know?


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I'm happy, =)

Woohoo!!  I'm very, very happy. 


Very releived.


  I have met my deadline, and I have completed the 70th anniversary bed runner. I'm taking it to my firend tomorrow.

The problems I had were solved by lots and lots of very careful pinning before sewing, quite a bit of unpicking, quite a few cups of tea and even an hour away from the work to watch some fav tv programme. 

Then, it all came together and I took photos of it, but have had a lot of…


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I'm not very happy =(

I'm not very happy; indeed, I am most frustrated with my latest project.

I have to applique on some letters I have cut from a piece of alphabet material. They are lovely, almost, art deco type style, in squares.

Dead easy, I thought, squares, so I cut each letter out that I needed, put some freezer paper and tucked the seam allowance round and ironed it in place.

Then I tacked (or basted) them to the freezer paper to ensure they would stay.

Then I joined them up in the words… Continue

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Children's Colouring Books for Applique Ideas

I expect you're thinking "Children's colouring books" what ever is she rabbiting on about!! 

I have been borrowing a lot of books from the library to increase my knowledge on everything about quilting, patchwork and sewing for freeeee!!  and one of the tips I picked up was use the pictures from children's colouring books to use as patterns for applique ideas. 

Great if you're doing a child related item and want to get inspiration and the drawings in the books are simplified so…


Added by Judith Mercer on January 8, 2011 at 11:30am — 1 Comment

Happy New Year!!

I have given the Irish Themed Quilt to the person who asked for it.  I now have an order for a 70th Wedding Anniversary bed -end throw.  I am making 2011 my year to fulfil my creative instinct that has been latent for too long.  I am going to sew and create and practise and sell and think about ditching my job so i can do this stuff full time.  Well , maybe =)

Hi to all fellow sew-ers, good luck xxxx

Added by Judith Mercer on January 1, 2011 at 2:00pm — 2 Comments

What next?

Having finished my Irish Themed Quilt, I am in a state of disbelief lol !  I was chatting to some ladies at a line dancing group and I have got two more orders for bed throws!!  Can you imagine it!!  One wants peachy brown autumn tones and the design is completely up to me (yipee!!) and the other wants one for their parent's wedding anniversary, 70 years!!  Yes, its platinum apparantly, so my imagination is going mad lol!


How's your projects going, please share!!

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Irish Themed Quilt

Hi, Just thought I'd mention a bit about the Irish Themed Quilt I have just finished. It was made for a friend to give her father for Christmas (so no pressure for time there then!!)

I got some beautiful brilliant white and some lovely emerald green fabrics from the Chilworth Quilt Festival as well as the perfect shade of black/brown fat quarter for the guinness glass.

Shamrock shaped buttons, assorted green squares, football…


Added by Judith Mercer on December 11, 2010 at 5:45pm — 3 Comments

It's nearly Christmas

It's nearly Christmas so the TV adverts would have us beleive, but honestly its a good 17 days away, thats ages!!

Us sewers know how much work we can get done in that amount of time, so I am doing my very best to go to work, keep house, cook meals, work over 30 hours a week, sew a quilt and oh yes, sleep occasionally!

I am under pressure to finish this irish quilt, I have a deadline, Christmas Eve, and I am a good way through it. I have bought the fleece backing now, so I… Continue

Added by Judith Mercer on December 8, 2010 at 3:02pm — 2 Comments

My journey so far

Hi, I'm a relative newcomer to this quilting lark, and even newer-newcomer to blogging!! Although, of course, I have heard of both, up to now its only quilting I've actually done.

I attended a Quillow Course at a shop in Colchester, which, due to circumstances beyond my control, I couldn't complete. I did the first 3 lessons, for which I was really grateful for the stuff I was shown, but the quilting bug had bitten me. I was hooked, and armed with very…

Added by Judith Mercer on December 4, 2010 at 4:30pm — 2 Comments

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