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Deco Pillows

Made these pillows for a customer recently.  He is doing a spare room in a vintage decor, and he provided the fabric/materials.

These are 14" stuffed pillows with a thin linen vintage cowboy print for the front, and chocolaty brown vinyl for the back and a 3" skinny brown suede fringe for the trim.  

He texted me after he got them home and "placed" them and said he thought they looked great.  So, I'm happy.  :)…


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Magnetic PinHolder

Love this magnetic pinholder idea found at Skip To My Lou!  It's such a cute idea! Definitely want to try this.  




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My Newest Additions!

It's funny the things you can get excited about!  Well, I'm excited about 3 new additions to my sewing room.  

First up is this lovely pair of vintage 1950's Wiss Model C Pinking Shears.

Even though it' obvious that they have been used, they cut beautifully.  I'm so happy, because my current pair, even though much "younger"…


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Finished Cushion Covers

Been sewing outdoor furniture cushion covers for customers.  Here are a few of my 

latest ones.…


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Making Piping for Customer's Cushion Covers


Cutting, piecing, sewing, 36 yds of piping.  In my best pirate voice, " it down, stitch it around, 35 yds of piping on the floor..."

I've sewn a lot over the years but I've never done piping before and it's very time consuming, especially on a project this size.  I cut and pieced the fabric the "old school" way but have since now found a…


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Men's Waistline Alterations

First, I have to say...urrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!  Phew, glad I got that off my chest!

I'm altering 4 pair of pants for a family member, and that's really the only reason I'm doing this project (family), ha!  I didn't notice at first all the flat felled seams running across the back of the pants!  That was my mistake.  I don't know where my head was.…


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Superior Threads Videos

Okay, I am going to "piggyback" on a previous Superior Threads video post because since I saw that post I have viewed several of their videos and am hooked!  Bob Purcell, "Chief Threadologist of Superior Threads", holds a wealth of interesting and in my opinion invaluable information in that brain of his and he is sharing it on these videos.  They are posted in…


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Wallet and Zippered Pouches

I recently tried out a couple patterns/tutorials I found online, which I was happy with.  I'll post the blog links below.


One was for a bifold wallet.  This is my "test" wallet done with fabric scraps.

I used a velcro closure instead of a snap since I wanted to try it out first.…


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Question - I don't know where to post it.

I'm wondering if anyone knows whether or not I need to pre-shrink nylon tulle if I am using it for a skirt?

I've used it for crafts and costumes before, but never for a skirt. I've actually searched the internet but have not been able to find an answer for this question. Any comments or opinions would be greatly appreciated.


Added by Ags on July 6, 2009 at 5:03pm — 2 Comments

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