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Family Life


My granddaughter had a PTA choir performance last night.  First graders are so cute!  My daughter-in-law didn’t tell me about the performance, but my son called me yesterday afternoon to see if I was coming last night.  I asked what he was talking about and he told me.…


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Shot Day!

Monday's are yucky days.  I take a shot every Monday that makes me feel like I have the flu.  At the moment, My fingers are hurting the most.  My body is acky and I'm cold.  I will take any suggestions that help with Flu like symptoms.  The good news is I'll feel like I'm getting over the flu tomorrow.  Just tired but okay.  But in thr mean time...I am taking Naproxen to help with the fever acky feelings...any suggestions?

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Apartment Search Forever

Okay, it might not be forever but it does feel never ending.  I need a one bedroom with a sunroom.  But sunrooms only come on the second floor.  I can't live on the second floor.  I wish I could.  I used to live on the 3rd floor and loved it.  It was good excerise.  So that leaves me looking for a 1 bedroom with a den or a small two bedroom. 


They are too expensive.  So I looked and looked this afternoon and I am exhausted.  Most I won't qualify for because of the price and…


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When to follow up?

Here's the situation.   A guy interviews for a job and that interviewer liked him.  So he sent the guy to speak with another gentleman in the company.  The second gentleman liked him too.  So the second gentlaman sent him to interview with a company partner.  The partner seemed to like him and explained that the three gentlemen would get together to discuss the opportunities.

 Now that same afternoon, he was excited and called the first guy he interviewed with to say thank you and ask…


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Let it Snow?

I con't decide if I want it to snow or not.  I'm in Texas and we don't have that much snow so it's nice to see sometimes.  But it makes driving a nightmare and I don't like that.  I don't have to go anywhere so I am blessed but others do and I wish others didn't have to deal with the negative impact of driving in snow and ice.  I like to crochet when it's snowing so I enjoy it. 

I am getting a lot of projects completed because…


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I'd rather drink water than exercise

I just read that 12 oz of cold water will burn 13.13 calories.  Now that may not sound like a lot but it adds up.  I'm trying to lose weight again.  So, if I drink 12 glasses of water a day I will burn 157.  That's about the same as I would burn walking 30 minutes a day.  I don't walk fast because my balance isn't all that great.


Knowing that cold water burns calories is a good way to talk myself into drinking it when…


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Who would do it?

Last night I was trying to make fingerless gloves.  A big cold front is on it's way and I wanted black fingerless gloves to go with my black coat.  I found the end of my and happily began to chain stitch.  Soon I ran out of yarn.  I thought that was weird and picked up the yard again and started to stitch again.  It happened again.  I started pulling yarn off the roll (called something else) and each piece ended at two to four feet.  I started looking at the ban…


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