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Re: Have you seen any UFO's lately?

Okay, well I am no where near finishing any of these items, except for the Honey Bee Club, as we have two weeks left for that (one for the block and one for the borders) then the top is DONE!. The backing/finishing kit for this block is going to cost me $200 (I am doing two), not including the batting. WOWSER! I am proud of the quilt anyways, so will pay the money.

The blocks I have to finish are: #5 (one triangle) #6 (entire block), #7 (sashing and triangles), #8 (one corner, sashing and triangle). I have cut the blocks for the second quilt and am looking forward to sewing that together. A coworker (who's taking the classes too) is going to have me over one weekend for a 'sew a thon' so we can get some of these UFO's done!! (She's still got the beginners quilt to finish, as she was having problems and gave up).

I pulled the quilts I am making for my sisters out and fell in love with them again! I have three blocks left to quilt (stitch in the ditch), and then the sashing to be completed Jessica's. Kyla's, I have yet to sandwich and quilt, but I am doing something different with that!

I plan to have my "jelly roll" quilt done this weekend, as I'd like to send it home to my mom with my dad, who usually comes down around this time of year. It may also end up being for my father, cuz I haven't picked anything out for his 25th Father's Day gift!

It would be soo much easier if I lived alone to complete most of these! That way I wouldn't have to worry about feeding someone else! Thats another story!!

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Comment by AprilFire on July 4, 2008 at 10:55am
UPDATES: The Honey Bee Quilt blocks are done and mostly put together. This quilt has mitered corners (BAH!), so its taking me a little longer to get it completely put together.

Jelly Roll Quilt: nothing more done on that. I made my dad a scrapbook page (framed) and gave him a $100 Home Depot gift card for Fathers day. I think he bought a saw table with it :D.

The cat quilts for Jess and Kyla - still out but nothing done on them. After this Honey Bee quilt was mostly complete, I think I have given up on quilting for the summer.

My mom picked up the backing kits for the Honey Bee Club quilts - 4 sets of backing, along with the fabric for pillow cases and shams. It cost us well over $700, but split between 4 quilts, the pricing isn't that bad. I cannot wait to see it when mom brings the BOLTS down with her in a couple of weeks.

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