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Sewing A Quick And Easy Camisole

By Marian Lewis

Camisoles are popular basic wardrobe items for all sizes and ages. Wear them alone or under a jacket or shirt. Camisoles can be dressy or casual depending on the fabric.

Add some pizazz to your wardrobe by sewing camisoles.

No sewing pattern is necessary. This camisole is very softly gathered across the chest. It is really a simple tube top.

Here is how to sew a camisole.

Cut the fabric:

Determine how long you want the finished camisole to be. Add a hem allowance at the bottom and a casing allowance at the top (depends on the size of your elastic).

Measure around the fullest part of your bosom. Add three inches (depending on the fabric weight and the amount of gathers desired) to that plus two seam allowances for the center back seam. Sew the camisole:

1. Sew the center back seam.
2. Sew the hem.
3. Sew a casing around the top edge.
4. Insert soft mesh elastic.

Great - now you know how to sew a camisole. Isn't that easy?

Sewing Tip: Add some trim to the casing to dress up your camisole and make it more interesting. Add the trim before you insert the elastic. If you don't have enough to go all the way around the camisole, just add the trim to the front where it shows. This is a terrific way to use up short pieces of trim in your stash.

Here is a great sewing tip for those of you who prefer to wear a bra with straps with your camisole.

Put on a bra and put on the camisole. Tuck the camisole into your skirt or pants.

Now, with an air soluble marking pen, mark the outline of the camisole on the bra area that shows. Remove the bra and cut camisole fabric to cover the bra straps and any other area that shows when you wear the camisole. Sew the fabric to the bra and now you have eliminated the bra exposure and still have your bosom supported. And, you can still wear the bra with other garments, too.

You can also add shoulder straps to the camisole if you prefer. Cut fabric for the straps either straight or bias. Sew the straps. Put on the camisole. Pin the straps in the appropriate place front and back. Remove the camisole. Sew the straps to the camisole.

You can also use the trim or ribbon for straps. That's cool.

Another sewing tip: Add a waist sash. Sew a four inch wide fabric sash to tie around your waist for the latest coordinated look.

Sew camisoles for gifts. Sew camisole tops to go with baggy pajamas. Kids and teens love them.

Now that you know how to sew camisoles, try these ideas:

Lengthen the camisole to street or evening length; elasticize the waist and slit the skirt for an evening dress or a beach cover-up. The fabric determines how you use the garment.

Have fun sewing quick and easy camisoles.

It just makes sense!

See a video demonstrating how to make a camisole


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