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Add Flounces to a T-Shirt for a Super Tunic


T Transformed to Tunic

Flounces dress up most anything!

See how flounces added to the hemline and sleeves transform this T-Shirt?  It was a wonderful T for my sewing buddy at Christmas, but I knew I wanted to ‘take it up a notch’.  She found this GREAT plaid printed knit fabric and bought a yard.  I finally got it done for her for Mother’s Day!  Here’s how I did it:

Calculate and create the Flounces for Sleeves and lower Hemline

Flounces are the topic of one of the segments in my Knit DVD:  Stretching Your Knit Sewing Know-How.

To show you how I teach both How-To’s, and inspire you with how to put the knowledge to USE, take 11 minutes to watch this clip from my DVD.

Quarter Flounce and Edge to Pin


  1. Divide both the sleeve hem edge and the sleeve flounces into quarters marking with pins.  Do the same for the lower hem flounce.
  2. Match the quarter points and pin in between.  Clip seam allowance of flounce only if necessary – which, on knits, rarely is needed.


3.  Lap flounce UNDER the finished hemlines of the T at the sleeves and lowermost hem edges as shown.

lap flounce under hemmed_edges


Stitch Between the Straight Stitches of the Original Hem Stitching

stitch togetherI simply used a big long zigzag stitch to attach flounces to the sleeve and lower hemline, placing this stitching right between the cover hem parallel rows of stitching on the original hems.  Baste first if you need to.


Fitting on my friend, we decided to draw the side seams up for a shaped hemline, making the legs look l-o-n-g-e-r.  We did so with the tucks as shown below.

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