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In sewing, a tuck is a fold or pleat in fabric  that is sewn in place.  Small tucks, especially multiple parallel tucks, may be used to adorn clothing or linens. When the tucks are very narrow, they are called pintucks.  


This is what pintucks look like:

According to Wikipedia, "...pintucks were very popular as ornamentation in the latter half of the 19th century, especially in fine linen or cotton fabric for chemisettes, engageantes, blouses, lingerie, summer dresses, and children's garments. Tucks were also used to decorate heavier fabrics: a travelling suit of "rough cheviot" (sturdy wool) is described as having its skirt "tucked, each tuck two inches wide and two inches apart, eight tucks in all, box-pleating at the bottom."


Here is an excellent example of pintucks sewn into this silk pillow by Arlene Hanna:



I've seen pintucks on a lot of heirloom sewing, but you'll never guess where I've found them recently...  on my cordura motorcycle jacket.  Pintucks run vertically across the back, finished with a rivet at the bottom of each.  They also adorn my sleeves vertically.  I thought it was a very unsuspecting place for pintucks, but, it looks very nice, very finished.  I like them.  So I thought I'd do a little piece on pintucks.



Pintucks are actually *very* easy to learn.  So simple.  Check this video out, it offers a quick demonstration:





Pintucks look nice on sheets and pillowcases.  An easy way to dress them up, instead of piping.  Pintucks would also dress up those pillowcase dresses!  Try doing some pintucks yourself and share a photo of your creation to share here at SWN.  

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Comment by Patricia on May 16, 2011 at 2:00pm
thank you . I just love watching videos on "how to"

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