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A "Stow It All" Bag for a Good Cause!


After I made {my firstStow-it-All, I had a lot of fun making the smaller version for my petite niece. Then my friend Nickie asked if I could make one of these bags for her, looking exactly the same as mine but without the clear vinyl pockets.  I tried to get her to choose her own combination of fabrics, but she liked mine. Sigh.

Back of Version 1 - Clear vinyl pockets, lobster swivel hooks, rounded rings

So somewhat reluctantly I said okay.  I tried to save on postage by getting all the hardware from a single source this time uhandbag.  

As a result, I bought these o-rings, slightly larger at 1 1/2", and flat rather than rounded. When you make the Stow it All the first thing you do is make the handles, add the lobster clips and fit the rivets. The last thing you do is clip them onto the rings.  So that was when I realised they wouldn't fit.  Eventually, I decided to ditch those handles and clips and make new ones that fitted directly onto the rings. Then added the rivets.  So I had a spare set of handles.

Back of Version 2 - No clear vinyl pockets, no lobster swivel clips, bigger, flat rings

Now my friend Ursula has said she loves my bag, could I make her one. Again I tried to talk her into choosing her own combination but no, she likes these fabrics, especially the spots. I did consider making myself a new bag and giving her mine, but in the meantime I wanted to make one to donate for the raffle for the Macmillans Coffee Morning this Friday.  

I played around with my remnants and found there was enough left to make another bag if I reversed the floral and spots, and used those spare handles.  I got this far and suddenly thought "This is a spottier version, maybe Ursula would like this one?"  So I sent her a picture and we agreed she could have this one, but in the meantime I still needed one for the raffle!

So I put this one together from fabrics I had already collected for my next bag.  I started doing all the top-stitching with a dark mulberry colour, then decided I wasn't happy with it, and switched to cream.  Apart from that it all came together well.  The only bit I have yet to get right first time is fitting the gusset.  I had to unpick and re-do the first end again, but the other end went in right first time.

The large rose fabric is a linen-look cotton called Full Bloom Roses.  The cream is a canvas from Calico Laine.  These o-rings are from Tantalizing Stitches on Etsy, and the swivel hooks are from uhandbag as I knew they would fit together!

I bought the lining fabric from Sew Creative, my local patchwork shop.  It's called Rosie's Garden 4507-403 by Stof. The zipper is one of a collection of handbag zippers I bought from Zipper Island on Etsy.  

I make my zippers 21 1/2" long (including the tab end) so it tucks up flat out of the way when it is open.  You can't really tell, but my boxed corners matched perfectly! I do enjoy the way the Stow it All comes together so nicely.  It's very satisfying.

So now that is ready for Friday, I just need to bake a cake!

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Comment by Karen on September 25, 2014 at 12:06pm

Popped it in Chris's Bag Brag Tuesday, now into week 67!

Comment by Patricia Graham on September 25, 2014 at 9:57am

I really like your totes.  And your zipper application, and length, I need to learn.


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