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It had been a long time since I stopped to update my blog on Since one lady dropped a comment on a previous post, it made me realize how long I was away from this website, and I thought I would post about my newest work here.

I posted more pictures of this quilt on my Flickr. If you are interested in, please check there also.

This quilt was very fun to work with since I love girly things!
I think it was the last summer that I picked around 20 antique handkerchiefs at yard sale. I thought I would make a quilt and some small items - made a drawstrings bag so far.

The handkerchiefs are antique. Some of them have a little stains and I think it is making the quilt more attractive. Also, since some were a little thinner, I sew them onto normal cotton for quilts and made them into two layers to make the blocks.

It took longer to quilt than normal quilts because of the laces.
My darning foot catches thread loops :( I often had to stop quilting to avoid the mess from this.

I anyway enjoyed the process of making this quilt very much, though!

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