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Practice Makes Perfect - The Essential Wristlet

I am not scared of zippers any more, and after making some fun pencil cases for other people, I decided it was time to make myself some zipped pouches for my growing collection of chargers and cables.

However, as some of my previous attempts had been disappointing (see the lumpy end above!) I decided I needed help to learn how to consistently get good results.  Cue Erin of   

Having made her Zip and Go bags ("Zip and Go Bag", "My recycled denim Zip and Go Bag"and a Gadget Guard ("Gadget Guarded") I know she writes her instructions with a view to "teaching" the reader.  This means techniques are explained (and reassurances given) as you go along, so you can use them in other projects.

So I have treated myself to her pdf pattern for "The Essential Wristlet", which gives instructions on how to make:

  • The Small wristlet
  • The Large wristlet
  • A Continuous wrist strap with lobster clasp
  • A D Ring on a Tab
  • A Small (card) pocket
  • A Large (passport) pocket

Also there are two bonus features showing you how to;

  • add an external zipped pocket
  • box the corners 

I decided to try and make all of them, just so I had a good grounding!  I checked my supplies;

  1. DOUBLE SIDED water soluble tape.  Marvellous invention, invaluable for accurate zip placement and avoiding pins! I am going through mine 2 rolls at a time!
  2. QUILTERS RULERS needed for precise 3/8" and 1/4" marks
  3. FRIXION PENS (heat erasable) for marking sewing and top-stitching lines to follow 
  5. MICROTEX needles (90/14)
  6. QUILTERS FLOWER HEAD PINS (the longer length works well here)
  7. INTERFACING; Erin recommends using Pellon SF101 for the fusible interfacing and Pellon 926, or two layers of Pellon 50, for the sew-in. As we don't have Pellon in the U.K. my friend Julia at Gone to Earth recommended Vilene G700 for the fusible interfacing and Vilene S13 sew-in as a substitute for the Pellon 50.

The next step was to track down some fun fabrics, then match up some linings and zippers. I do find matching up zippers a problem; colours can be misleading on-line, and vary from brand to brand.  Sometimes even the same brand varies in colour in different sizes.


It's sad but true, many of us (even one of my nieces) have to use hearing aids now, and keep the batteries handy!  I thought music might be a good theme for these.  This is Concerto Encore in White by Benartex, which I picked up in my local Patchwork shop. Can you see that nice flat zipper tab?

I kept it simple with no pocket or strap.  However I did give it this rich red lining! the end without a tab opens up nice and wide. Finished size: 6.75” wide x 4.5” tall


I made this for my camera's USB cable.  I found several "camera" fabrics and settled on this one, called "Out N About Camera Natural" by Robert Kaufman from Frumble on-line.

This time I did add a pocket, and the tab and D Ring so I could hang it up, but still skipped a strap.  Finished size: 7.75” wide x 5” tall.  Notice the neat zipper tab?


I just loved this fabric!  It's called "Fairy Tale Book Shop"  also from Frumble.  The details say it is a Japanese import lightweight furnishing fabric in a cotton and linen mix.  It was just perfect for my Kindle Charger!  This time I skipped the pocket as well as the strap.  I was so pleased to find I actually had a turquoise zipper to match the lining from my stash! Oh look, there's a nice flat zipper tab!

I made a second one to hold my mobile charger.  I gave up trying to find a Telephone print and settled for this one with vintage car adverts on instead.  It's called "Antique Car Newspaper" in white by Timeless Treasures. I skipped the pocket and strap again and found this ticking style lining. Notice that nice neat zipper tab. Finished size: 7.75″ wide x 5″ tall x 1.5″ deep


I chose this fabric called "Sewing Machines Pop Art Squares" by Timeless Treasures to made a pouch to carry my sewing essentials.  Plenty of choice to co-ordinate a lining on this one, and plenty of room for all my bits and pieces. Finished size: 8.25″ wide by 5.5″ tall by  2″ deep.  

The finish is nice and smooth, slightly padded, and as you can see, the boxed corner version stands up by itself. The way Erin has the tab at just one end (perfect tab by the way) means it can open wider at the other end. I skipped the strap but popped a pocket in as I thought it would hold my needle case nicely.  

However, I realised it made my old Needle Case look sad, so I just had to make myself a new one to match!

Much smarter!


I decided to make this one a full featured version, with pockets and the wrist strap. It's continuous, which was another new technique for me to learn! This is a fabric I picked up on-line from Calico Laine called "Cerise Cotton Marl Rose" which is really pretty.

I gave it a pink lining too which you can see here inside the zipped pocket.  I am donating it as a Raffle Prize at a Macmillan's Coffee Morning [They are nurses who help victims of cancer and their families here in the U.K.]

Erin suggests layering the pockets in the Boxed Corner version, but I decided to try it on this one instead.  I think now I should have added an applique heart or some hand embroidery to the card pocket. It does have a nice smooth zipper tab though!  Finished size: 7.75” wide x 5” tall.

I feel well versed in making these pouches now, and every single one of them has turned out well, I'm really pleased!  Mission accomplished, thank you Erin!

Mastering Zipper Techniques

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Comment by Karen on May 5, 2015 at 1:51pm

Thank you Wanda-Maria, I have made a couple more since as they come out so well.  

Erin's instructions are very thorough, with lots of photos, I recommend you try the pattern yourself!

Comment by WANDA-MARIA on May 5, 2015 at 1:06pm

Beautiful !  Im Like  it !

Comment by Karen on September 15, 2014 at 5:53pm

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