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“The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art,” said John Lasseter, principal creative advisor of Walt Disney Imagineering and Pixar.  

Technology has given us more reasons to be connected with our craft wherever we go. In our case, we are presented with the various platforms where we can make sewing, embroidery, and quilting more fun and interactive. Previously, we did feature Brother’s Dream Machine that comes with a touchscreen display, built-in camera, and scanner that makes embroidery and sewing more accurate, exciting, and easy. There are also easy-to-follow videos that you can view online on YouTube and other platforms such as O2 Learn that also encourages children to try out sewing. Mobile network company O2 in the United Kingdom also offers basic videos on making a knot and starting sewing and other artistic crafts that children can easily follow on their own. 
Apart from machines and videos online, there are applications that you can now maximize while sewing and quilting. Here are our top suggestions for you: 
1. SewingKit HD - $8.99 
Although a bit pricey, this application is one of the most complete sewing app on the market. SewingKit HD tracks your projects and the best resources you need to build your own patterns, including photos from Vogue, Simplicity, and McCalls. You can also track your projects by keeping a list of all your clients’ measurements, start of the projects, and deadlines. There’s also an option to organize and track all of your sewing equipment in your store. All your references and books can also be stored here. The app is available at the iTunes and Google Play stores. 

2. Easy Stitch - $2.99 
It has been featured by several news channels and magazines such as FOX National News and Lets Knit magazine. The Easy Stitch of Technical Made Easy is a great application to learn crochet, embroidery, and knitting. Best for beginners, it offers you with a complete instruction on how to create your first sewing project through step-by-step how to’s, list of materials, tools, conversion charts, and tips and tricks. The best part is that it doesn't require an internet connection to function. It is exclusively available for Apple devices with iOS 4.3 or above. 

3. Sewing Pattern Catalog - $0.99 
Exclusively for Android users, the Sewing Pattern Catalog creates a list of all your selected sewing patterns on your smartphone and tablet. You can easily browse your list and view other information about each pattern. Designs coming from top companies such as New Look and Butterick can be found on the app’s database that you can also maximize the next time you decide to build your project.  
1. Quick & Easy Quilt Block Tool - $1.99 
Developed by C&T Publishing, this application assists you in creating your own designs and colors. It has more than 100 pieced blocks in five sizes that are popular for its details designs and diagrams. There are also reference tables, cutting instructions, and rotary-cutting charts that you can use in making your designs as constructive and detailed as possible. It can be installed on the iTunes and Google Play stores.  

2. CraftVideo: Quilting - $0.99 
Can’t find exactly the instructional video you are looking for? The CraftVideo:Quilting by Interave Media LLC offers more than 20 high quality videos of quilting tutorials for every beginner and professional quilters. The best part about this app is its ability to connect you with other enthusiast via its live chat and discussion page. You can now share thoughts and ideas with other users in making your next design. Apart from Quilting, the developer also has other versions related to knitting, crochet, jewelry making, and sewing. This application is available for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. 

3. Quilt Shops – Free 
The Quilt Shops developed by New Track Media, LLC provides you with quick search of the quilt shops across the US. By entering your current location’s city, state, or zip code, the app will automatically show you the nearest quilt shop. It has an interactive app that you can zoom in and out to avoid getting lost. You will also be provided with other details about the store, including the address, contact information, and website URL if applicable. There’s also an option to alert the developer if there’s a new store that is not yet listed on the app’s database through the Feedback Form. The Quilt Shops can be installed by iOS and Android device users.  
There are other ways on how you can get the best design ideas that you can apply on your next sewing or quilting project. But, we believe that with the help of your handy mobile device and the applications listed above, there is no design impossible for you to build next time. What’s your recommended app for our readers? 

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