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Bridal Gown Creating a French Under Bustle

Last month my customers brought her purchased Wedding gown wanting a French Under bustle. Her maid of honor suggested to mark the ribbons and loops with a marker so that the lacing would be easier for her. My solution is as follows.

At the anchor points parallel to the botton of the zipper I made 4 loops on either side. I used contrasting 3/8" ribbon (White and Baby Blue) alternating white/blue. Then on the bottom of the skirt at the pick up points I used the same the alternating blue /white. A total of 8 loops on the top and eight on the bottom.
You may need more loops depending upon the size of the dress. (12)

At the base of the zipper I attached 3/4" satim Ribbon in Blue and White. I used 3 yards of each. (This will depend on the height of your bride and width of the gown) I attached one on top of the other so on either side I had a Blue and a White Ribbon.

In order to make the Bustle I laced it like a sneaker Blue Ribbon \\\\ White Ribbon / / / / Center |

Blue \ \ \ \ | White / / / /
White / / / / Blue \ \ \ \

When hand sewing loops use Buttonhole twist and and an eye (hook $ eye) at the point you are sewing the loop onto the gown.

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Comment by Larri on December 1, 2009 at 5:21pm
Very interesting! I hope I don't have to make one any time soon. :o)

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