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A few years ago I made a load of aprons for a stall at a Craft Fair.  It wasn't well attended and I have been selling the aprons off in our gift shop ever since.  Back in 2012 I changed the design I had on one from an elephant to a cockerel as it hadn't sold.  It has gone to a new owner now, and there are only 5 left; 2 cupcakes, a sailboat...

and this teddy bear and watering can.  I decided they were not good enough, so I am changing the pocket pictures.

For the apron with the watering can, I chose a new tractor design, one with a trailer this time.  I traced the component parts onto the Bondaweb (Wonderunder) grouped according to the colour.

I ironed the Bondaweb onto the fabrics and cut them out.  I liked the tread detail on the tyres, but decided to only do it for the biggest tyre to make the application simpler.

Here is the completed applique.  I use a zig-zag stitch on the raw edges.  This red fabric was very loose weave from an old coat.  Love the tread on the big tyre!

For the Teddy Bear apron I decided to do a Fire Engine.  I had one already in 2 different sizes for my niece's 2 boys a couple of years ago, so I had the template already.  I had included a driver in their aprons but opted to leave him out this time!

Here you can see my zig-zag stitching.  I like to use some medium weight woven fusible interfacing on the back.  This is Vilene G700 but I believe Pellon SF101 is similar.  I always sew 2 or 3 stitches across the corners, like I was taught to do on shirt collars, as I believe they give a crisper corner.  You can see the turning gap left at the bottom, which will be closed when I attach the pocket.

So here they are, after their makeover.  I'm hoping they will be going to new homes soon!

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Comment by Patricia on June 30, 2014 at 5:52pm

this is great

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