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Wheww - that's a big picture - dunno how to make smaller. This is my first jacket with a draped effect collar for this pattern, CHOSEN. The trim is what i call 'Doupioni Fur'. The process is to design - sew - take notes as I go - and photos of every step. Much doing, un-doing and re-doing. That's the fun part! Then...writing the directions deciphering my very archaic and cryptic notes. I have to edit the photos, put them in order, and refer to them in the written directions. And now - my newest idea, to make them it into a "Talking pattern" - to record the directions for each step to coordinate with the photos of th process. Still tryig to figure out if it's best to do the recording first or the writing first... Hate it when the phone rings or a train or plane goes by when I'm in the middle of recording. Tomorrow's another day - and another version for this pattern. I'll dream about how to make use of an old sweater, duplicating this wonderful darted collar on a great jacket I just had to buy so I could copy it....

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