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With the ever expanding technology, we see various changes in the traditional machinery that simplify our work and make it more interesting and efficient. Sewing machines are no exception. If you have not heard of the computerized sewing machine, this article will open your eyes to a new technology that can greatly simplify your tailoring work.
As the name suggests, a computerized sewing machine is fitted with a built-in computer. The machine also comes with an LCD display that helps the user monitor his or her work. The computer controls the motors within the machine in order to achieve the desired results, and can produce any type of stitch patterns. The user has to feed in the required details like the nature of stitches, the type of cloth, the pattern, etc. Based on this, the computer controls the motors and other parts of the machine, like the needle bar, the tensioning discs, the feed dog, etc., and produces the required results. The user is able to follow closely as the work being done is displayed on the LCD monitor at all times. The various patterns of stitches are stored in these removable disks or cartridges. Moreover, if you want to get more patterns, you can connect your computerized sewing machine to a computer and download the designs from the internet. These storage disks can have various capacities, ranging from a few hundred megabytes to a few gigabytes. Their price depends on the storage capacity and the brand. Using stored patterns, some computerized sewing machines can even be used for embroidery. Various sensors detect the position of the material to be stitched on. The computer monitors the functioning of all the components of the machine and instructs them to accomplish the desired task. This simplifies the job of the user immensely. All they have to do is create a design or pattern for the stitch, or even better, load it from a cartridge. The machine does the rest. It even provides the user with easy to follow instructions. Thus, even though it may sound a bit complex, a computerized sewing machine can both simplify daunting tasks and save time.
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