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Darted Collar Version of CHOSEN Creative Sweatshirt Jacket Pattern

This one was fun! Re-cycling the sweater (a favorite from a Mexican vacation) that my husband inadvertently 'felted' was really pretty easy. This is a VERY unique collar, and tomorrow I'll be testing it out in a woven fabric as well. I'm thinking that collar will need to be cut on the Bias. Over and over again, I'm convinced how absolutely competely NECESSARY it is to have a stash of fabrics! the grey on this jacket and the brown binding are opposite sides of a wonderful wool/lycra reversible fabric. I'd saved these precious scraps from an outfit - one of my favorites - I made using Sewing Workshop's Plaza jacket pattern. Anyway - SAVE those scraps! If it is a fabric you LOVE and colors you LOVE and you want to do creative sewing - I'd say buy at least 1/2 yard additional in the first place. Sew...this is the 2nd of the collar styles in my new Chosen Pattern - which I hope to release on Sept. 24 if all goes as planned.

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